We have previously reported that the workers of Bandar Imam Petrochemical Complex in Mahshahr have been on strike, and have been gathered in protest in front of the headquarters of the petrochemical complex since Sunday morning, 3rd of Mehr (25 Sept 2011).

According to another report published by the Iranian Workers’ Free Union, workers from Arvand, Amirkabir, and Tondguyan Petrochemicals started their own strike simultaneously with Bandar Imam workers in the early hours of Sunday 25 September.

According to this report, 6000 workers from different shifts participated in the Bandar Imam protest, gathering in front of the headquarters of the complex, marching and chanting their demands.

The main demand of the petrochemical workers in Mahshahr’s Special Economic Zone is to eliminate the role of contractors as intermediaries between the workers and the employers. Recall that during the great workers’ strike in Farvardin (April) this year, it was officially agreed that within three months, this demand would be fulfilled. But the workers have been continually put off.

The Worker-communist Party of Iran unequivocally supports the united strikes of Mahshahr’s petrochemical workers and their just demand, and calls workers in all other work centers to join this struggle for eliminating the role of contractors throughout the entire country, and for other just demands.

Worker-communist Party of Iran
27 September 2011

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