I have been responding to comments on One Law for All website for a few days now and will continue to do so until 20 June rally. Post any comments there: www.onelawforall.org.uk. Here is one on the disgusting EDL or see below:

I am getting tired of EDL-ers saying EDL is peaceful and not racist when the evidence is clear. Look you get the supporters you deserve. There is a reason why racists, and football hooligans are drawn to your events. Because that is what you represent. The reality is that people who join you or your events have an affinity to racist politics – just as those who join the Socialist Workers Party have an affinity to Islamism. It is not enough to say one is opposed to Sharia – Islamists also say they are opposed to innocents being killed. Scratch beneath the surface – and they don’t really believe many people are innocent; in fact they target the innocent because they have no respect for humanity. You are anti-Sharia first and foremost because you are racist, anti-immigrant and anti-anyone who doesn’t look like you. Yes I know you have a Sikh and some token ‘minorities’ in your group. Well, the Islamic Republic of Iran has women in its Islamic Assembly – that doesn’t make them pro-woman now does it. Frankly I despise the EDL and the far Right as much as I despise the Islamists. Now if someone writes to me to say the EDL isn’t so bad – well all I can say is you are not welcome in our ranks. Any political movement aims to mobilise its ranks – the freedom lovers – who also want freedom for others, the secularists – who want the separation of all religion from the state not just the one they perceive as a ‘foreign’ religion, the humanists – who put people before ideologies and beliefs and religion, the universalists – who want the same rights and freedoms for everyone not just the English (and only the ones who looks white)…

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