Below is another email from the BBC Sunday Morning Live Executive Producer dated 10 September which still refuses to respond to my criticism or request. Since the programme clearly doesn’t want to address this issue in an unbiased manner, I won’t be replying. What for? Instead I will take my complaint to a higher public body and will report back here when I do.

As an aside, though, there’s a good reason they are known as Ayatollah BBC in Iran. After all who holds a debate entitled ‘is it right to condemn Iran for stoning’ when the regime has stepped up its efforts to kill Sakineh? And whilst the whole world has risen up in outrage?

Here’s the second email:

Dear Ms Namazie

Thanks for your email.

We completely understand the depth of feeling you express on this subject. That is precisely why we held the debate about stoning in Iran.
When referring to “official” Iranian government policy on this issue Susanna was very careful to use that word each time – “officially”. That clearly implies this is a government line – not necessarily one to be credibly believed. Otherwise we simply would not have had a reason to debate a subject which as I said we may well return to.
We had two contributors from outside of the studio who provided context to a debate in which our studio guests entirely condemned stoning. As I mentioned in my previous email, I regret that we did not have sufficient time during the discussion to take your contribution.
Richard Pattinson
Executive Producer
Sunday Morning Live


  1. One would imagine that the question of the program title would be more sensible if it were: Is it WRONG to condemn Iran for Stoning?. because the program was a response to the protests of millions of people and a campaign against the barbarity of the Islamic regime in Iran. But having the question as: is it right…etc means that BBC is questioning the morality of the protests, not that of stoning as part of the Islamic law.

    BBC: admit it. you are part and parcel of the media machine to appease the Islamic movement. You want to accommodate them. You just don't give a damn about human or women rights nor about civility. So stop hiding behind obectivity and time limitations. You actually prevented Maryam from speaking. How can anyone believe that you lack a sense of time in your own programs!! What a pitty answer.

    Issam Shukri

  2. I agree with Brian, it's a very worrying attitude the producer has taken in his new response.

    Is he dodging the questions or is he just too naive to understand the implications of his work?

    I am really disgusted by the BBC and expected better.

    But in ousting their mistakes in this blog we can at least ensure that their facts do not go unchallenged!

  3. This reply concerns me. It is passive, superficial. It is excuses, which means it is really disconnected from engagement with the complainant. I must then wonder at the qualities needed to be a BBC Producer? And ask myself ' Could the BBC do better?' The answer is, of course, Yes!. I must then wonder why they do not, but only the Beeb can answer that! Maybe their answer wil be ' We would need an increase in the Licence fee!'

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