As reported earlier in a statement, the agents of the Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic regime of Iran – well organized and active in the Western countries, had plotted the group assassination of several leadership members of the Worker-communist Party of Iran (WPI). The plot was to be carried out by Babak Shahidi, then a passive member of WPI. But Shadidi, troubled by his conscience, disclosed the vile, terrorist plot shortly before it was supposed to hatch. This obviously angered the Islamic regime in Tehran, which immediately boosted the level of persecution of Shadidi in exile and his family in Iran. Shadidi began receiving death threats, until on June 20 of this year he was assaulted in his residential apartment in Stockholm by two masked agents of the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence. He had to be transported to hospital by helicopter due to his critical condition after the attack. Shadidi was saved. But the death threats continued and finally materialized at around 3:15 PM on August 3rd when he was attacked for the second time by two masked agents in his work place, an apartment in a northern suburb of Stockholm. The assassins first struck severe blows to his head and neck and then forced him to call Khalil Keyvan, Secretary of the Abroad Organization of WPI, to tell him, ‘all my previous exposés of the terrorist activities of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as those of the persecution of my family in Iran, have been just lies.’ He did as he was told. They then tied his hands and feet, went on to harm him more for while, then forcibly poured a chemical solution down his throat that was supposed to kill him, and fled the scene. On the other side, Khalil Keyvan who had obviously become suspicious of both what Shadidi had to say and his curious tone of voice, contacted the police immediately after the conversation. Shadidi, barely alive at this point, was transported to hospital a short while after Keyvan’s emergency call to the police. His condition is now still critical but not life-threatening, and we are happy to report that he is recovering well. Thus the terrorist attempts of the agents of the Islamic Republic of Iran at Shadidi’s life were thwarted for the second time.

The Worker-communist Party of Iran will square up to such criminal acts. We have already, in several instances, seriously protested the Swedish government’s lax attitude toward the terrorist activities of the Islamist regime of Iran in Sweden. The last instance was the open letter by seven well-known Iranian activists living in Sweden addressed to the Swedish Prime Minister. It was made extensively available to the Swedish media, political parties, and various social and political organizations. In their letter the seven activists have criticized the nonchalant attitude of the Swedish police toward the dangers threatening the safety and security of the Iranian opposition activists in that country.

We call on all organizations and individuals opposing the Islamic Republic of Iran across the world to exert pressure on the Swedish government for its policies of forbearance in dealing with the Islamist regime and its careless attitude toward the terrorist conspiracies of that regime in Sweden. The Swedish government bears the chief responsibility for the safety and security of all political activists in its country. As far as the Iranian opposition groups and individuals in Sweden are concerned, it must be stipulated that should the Iranian regime’s terrorist agents do them any harm in that country in any way, shape or form, the Swedish government will, naturally, be held accountable. After all, it is exactly for their safety and security that such activists have fled their homeland.

Worker-communist Party of Iran – Abroad Organization
August 4, 2010

Article in Swedish which reports on the attack on Shadidi

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