Message from Bita and Mohsen: DEPORTATION CANCELLED!

Here is a message from Mission Free Iran.

The below is a mail sent by Mohsen at 9:27pm EST on May 4 2010:

Dear all

Bita’s flight has been cancelled at 6.30pm. Home Office had to cancel Bita’s removal direction after it had been ordered by United Kingdom High Court(5pm) and EU Human Right Court(6pm).

I use this opportunity to express our gratitude to all who support us in different occasions all the time. Even though Bita is still in detention centre and it seems there is a long way to get our aim but it is the hardest step that we could successfully pass with your help and I am sure you will support her till the end.

The solicitor Mr Vasoodoven has already asked Home Office to release her and as we are sure they are not going to do that so he will ask for bail court.

We have to collect and prepare all the documents for Oral Hearing set on 21 July.

In the end, thanks for all who had planned to join us for tomorrow demonstration, there won’t be any at the moment.

Your sincerely
Bita & Mohsen

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