The following is a statement released by the Kurdistan Committee of the Worker-Communist Party of Iran, condemning the execution of five Kurdish political prisoners Farzad Kamangar, Shirin Alam Hooli, Mehdi Hosseinian, Farhad Vakili, and Ali Heydarian on May 9, 2010. The letter demands the unconditional release of political prisoners and supports the call for a general strike in the province of Kurdistan, Iran on May 13, 2010.

On Sunday May 9, 2010, the Iranian government committed another heinous crime when they executed five political prisoners Farzad Kamangar, Shirin Alam Hooli, Mehdi Hosseinian, Farhad Vakili, and Ali Heydarian.

Thousands of our dear ones have been put to death for demanding their rights so the sinister and backwards regime and its system of exploitation, stealing, and suppression, can be saved. We must resist these crimes and stop this killing machine.

To object to this crime, Komeleh (The Kurdistan Organization of The Communist Party of Iran) has issued a call to the people of Kurdistan for a general strike on Thursday May 13, 2010.

The Worker-Communist Party of Iran supports this call. We call upon all of the people of Kurdistan, the workers and university students, teachers and school students, shopkeepers, and civil servants to object to the regime’s savage crime and to honour the memory of our loved ones by uniting.

A wide and successful general strike will be an important factor in the continuation of our just struggle, in consolidating our empathy and unity, and in organizing and preparing for the conclusion of the battle to overthrow the sinister regime. In recent months, millions of people throughout the country, in many ways, have demonstrated their hatred and opposition to the government and their will to bury it. The success of this strike, while the regime is struggling with a wide array of crises, will be a crushing response to their crimes and an important step toward strengthening the political balance of power in favor of the peoples’ struggle for freedom throughout all parts of Iran.

Freedom-seeking people of Kurdistan:

Unify in support of this call and participate in this general strike to respond forcefully to the ruling criminals. We must not leave our dear ones alone in prisons. In objection to the execution of these dear ones, who lost their lives on charges of opposition to the government and having a difference of opinion, we need to react with utmost force to demonstrate to the regime that they will be confronted decisively. You should demand the unconditional release of political prisoners by this wide and simultaneous strike in protest against execution, torture, and any forms of pressure against prisoners.

Our strike will undoubtedly be greeted with joy by millions of freedom-seeking Iranians throughout the nation and will create a new environment for toppling the Islamic Republic.

Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Victory to the revolution of freedom-seeking people of Iran.

Kurdistan Committee of the Worker-Communist Party of Iran
May 10, 2010

translated by persian2english

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