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Seminar on the far-Right and Pro-Islamist Left: Douglas Murray & Maryam Namazie Q&A

Uploaded on Jan 28, 2011

26 January 2011 Enemies not Allies Seminar on the far-Right and Pro-Islamist Left

Second part of the seminar after comments and questions from the audience.

The One Law for All campaign held a seminar to expose how important debates including on Sharia law have been hijacked by the far-Right to promote their racist agenda, and by anti-racist and anti-war groups to defend Islamism, both at the expense of people’s rights and lives.
Speakers were: Adam Barnett, Rahila Gupta, Ghaffar Hussain, Marieme Helie Lucas, Douglas Murray, Maryam Namazie, Shiraz Maher. The seminar was chaired by John C Adams.

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