Dear friends

I wanted to thank you for your support of the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain. As you know we were in desperate need of financial help and are grateful for the donations of many generous individuals and groups.

What we do – breaking the taboo that comes with renouncing Islam and challenging a movement that sentences apostates to death – is considered ‘controversial’ to say the least and makes it almost impossible to get support from mainstream funders. Also, we haven’t been able to secure charity status.

In its refusal letter the Charity Commission says: “Under English law the advancement of religion is a recognised charitable purpose and charities are afforded certain fiscal privileges by the state. The prohibition of any such financial privilege as called for in the demand made in [your] Manifesto would require a change in law. Similarly a separation of religion from the state and legal and education system would appear to require both constitutional reform and change to the law.”

There is something fundamentally wrong when the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain can’t get charity status but the Sharia Council legislating misogyny in its sharia courts can. And how absurd that defending secularism is not a charitable object but advancing religion is, particularly in this day and age when we are living under an Islamic Inquisition.

Much of the struggle for change throughout history has included demands for changes in the law and in religion’s role in the public space. And this is something the Council of Ex-Muslims will continue to do with your support.

Again, thank you. Please do continue to support us in any way you can; every little bit helps go a long way in the fight that lies ahead.

Warmest wishes
Maryam Namazie
Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain

1. See Maryam’s speech at the Dublin World Atheist Conference on the Islamic Inquisition here.
Here is the full text of the speech.
2. See our Manifesto here.
3. See an updated list of members here.
4. See the latest media coverage of our activities.
5. To donate to the crucial work of CEMB, please either send a cheque made payable to CEMB to BM Box 1919, London WC1N 3XX, UK or pay via Worldpay. We also need regular support that we can rely on and are asking for supporters to commit to giving at least £3 a month via direct debit. You can find out more about how here.
6. The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain was launched in June 2007. The launch video has been seen by over 190,000 people.
7. For further information contact:
Maryam Namazie
Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain
BM Box 1919
London WC1N 3XX
telephone: +44(0)7719166731


  1. Religion does not need to threat you to death to cause psychological damages…In many cases the threat of eternal damnation or social exclusion are just enough. Religion is imposed to children before they are apt to reject it. I think ex-Jehovah's Witness charity, ex-catholic, ex-baptist, or any other would be justified.

  2. Sorry, didn't realise Seymour was joking! The comment though is something we often hear as a criticism so I thought it best to explain why we need a Council of Ex-Muslims to clarify the difference with regards Islam…

  3. Maryam, Seymour was not being serious. Note the winky face used to indicate that he was joking.

    I hope CEMB has more luck in the future, but you need to grow a sense of humour in the mean time.

  4. Seymour, when people are executed for leaving Jehovah's Witness than maybe that would need to be the case. Your religion or atheism is your private affair but when you are killed for leaving Islam – apostasy is punishable by death under Sharia law in many places – then it's important to challenge Islamism and set up a movement that breaks the taboo and demands the right to leave.

  5. Maryam, I agree that there is something fundamentally wrong with the system as it is.

    I am more in favour of changing the legislation and removing religious privilege in all its forms everywhere.

    That takes a political stance that I am afraid the UK has little will to take. The NSS, Dawkins, Grayling and the others don't seem to be enough.

    You have my heartfelt support.

  6. Hey, set up an ex-Jehovah's Witness charity and I'll be first in the door 😉

    We are a seriously messed-up lot…

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