Body Riot on World Hijab Day

#BODYRIOT for #WomanLifeFreedom On #HIJABDAY #1Feb #NOHIJABDAY #IRAN CEMB, FEMEN & One Law For All are calling for a global day of action to bare breasts and bras as a […]

 UCL Women’s Liberation and WPUK 2023 conference

4 February 2023, London, 11:30-13:00pm Maryam will join "The global history of women’s access to education" panel at UCL Women’s Liberation and WPUK 2023 conference.  Tickets are on sale here.

Bringing the Revolution Home: Iran and Rojava

WORKSHOP: BRINGING THE REVOLUTION HOME: #Iran & #Rojava, 2:30-4:00pm Interactive workshop led by Rahila Gupta & Maryam Namazie Woman's Place Conference Maryam & Rahila will talk about the revolutions in Iran & Rojava […]

Global Day of action to free Soheil Arabi

DAY OF ACTION TO #FREESOHEIL 4 February 2023, Global London, 5:30-6:30pm, Russell Square 40 atheist, ex-Muslim and secularist organisations that have taken on Soheil Arabi’s political sponsorship are calling for […]

Rally in Solidarity with the Iranian Workers’ Movement

8 February, London 4-5pm, Rally organised by Solidarity with the Iranian Workers’ Movement Committee in support of revolutionary uprising and workers’ movement in Iran 5-7pm, Meeting at Houses of Parliament […]

York University for IWD

6 March 2023, York University, 1-3pm Maryam Namazie to speak at IWD event. More details to follow.

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