The below is a campaign being led by member organisation the International Federation of Iranian Refugees:

It has been just over a month since Iranian activist Jamal Saberi (real name Jalal Amanzadeh Nouei) was detained by the immigration authorities in Tokyo with the intention of deporting him to Iran. A few days after his detention the wheels had been put in motion and the Free Jamal! campaign had been launched by the International Federation of Iranian Refugees (IFIR). In the last four weeks we have been able to do a significant amount of work.

We have managed to put political and judicial obstacles in the way of Jamal’s deportation from Japan to Iran.

From Toronto to London, from Berlin to Tokyo, people have come out to protest against the deportation and in support of Jamal’s release from detention. The Japanese government has been made aware of the heavy human and political consequences Jamal’s deportation would have. The danger of imminent deportation has decreased slightly; however, Jamal is still in detention, still in danger of being deported quickly, so there is no rest yet!The Ministry of Justice in Japan can very swiftly pass through to the final stages of deportation; the Japanese government can ignore the human and political consequences of deporting Jamal. The harsh reality that we are facing: Jamal is in a bad physical condition in a detention centre with awful conditions for asylum seekers.

We must keep the pressure up in order to free him and to get him refugee status in Japan or somewhere else safe.

All our efforts, the public outreach work, the demonstrations, the meetings, organising, the legal research and actions, the trip to Japan, the lobbying and the phone calls – all of this needs you financial help! So far we have been able to do our work based on personal resources and voluntary work. But without your immediate help, we cannot go on keeping up the pressure to fight for Jamal’s release. We need to have money in order to go forward, to continue and to be able to not only get Jamal released from detention but to find a safe place for him. You can support Jamal and the Free Jamal! campaign by making a donation to the campaign here.

You can pay online with your credit card via the secure Paypal system of Count Me In – Iran of which IFIR is a member. Please mark your donations with ‘Jamal’. If you are in the UK you can also send us a cheque, please check the above website for details. If you prefer to make a donation in another way, please contact us at: or call +44 (0) 750 797 8745

Thank you!
Patty Debonitas
Free Jamal! campaign
Tel: +44 750 797 8745

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