Listen to a heartwrenching interview with Farzad, Shirin and Mehdi’s lawyer, Khalil Bahramian in Persian on Youtube or see below:


He says he is shocked at the executions; all their files were under review. He breaks down crying when he says Shirin had promised to study; she didn’t even speak Persian (but Kurdish). They made up a case against her. He says what has happened is heinous. In five, six minutes they decide to kill someone – it is intolerable.

He goes on to say you killed them – why? For what crime? For setting of bombs – it is a lie and I say it here…

Here is some background information on Farzad Kamangar

Here is a transcript of a conversation Farzad had with his mother in January 2010.

Interview with Farzad Kamangar’s brother after the execution.

Here is a letter from Farzad Kamangar dated November 2006.

Farzad’s letter to his students written in 2008.

Here is a video clip of Farzad with his students on Youtube or below:


Another letter from Farzad on how one is forbidden to write.

Letter from Shirin Alam Hooli.

A letter from Shirin in January 2010.

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