After sending out an email early this morning about Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’s case, I usually receive tons of mail from people showing solidarity and reporting back on what they have done to try to save her life. Of course I also get some ‘other’ types of emails too and I thought to start responding to them here in my blog publicly.

Aubrey Gaughan writes: ‘Sorry if one breaks the law they should be punished.’

Very nice.

Basically Aubrey is an advocate of Sakineh being stoned to death or executed for adultery because it is against the law in Iran. Girls should have acid thrown in their faces in Afghanistan then because the Taliban don’t want them to go to school. And prostitutes should be beheaded in Iraq and drug users, apostates, free thinkers and athiests executed under Sharia law because it is the law.

What nonesense. A law that violates rights isn’t worth the paper it is written on.

Lucky Aubrey wasn’t around when the slaves fought against slavery, the South Africans against racial apartheid and women’s rights campaigners for the the right to vote…

Much of the struggle for change and social justice has in fact targetted unjust laws and got rid of them. And thanks to these progressive social movements, we have many positive changes in our lives today as compared to years past.

Whether Aubrey likes it or not, this is what we intend to do with stoning and sexual apartheid in Iran and save Sakineh’s precious life as well. A law and regime that stones people to death in the 21st century has no right to exist and must be gotten rid of.

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  1. What you have to ask Aubrey Gaughan is what punishment he faced when he himself committed adultery, drink driving and abuse?

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