Iran Solidarity has a stall at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair from 12 – 16 of October!

After Brazil, we are continuing with our Iran Solidarity Tour, this time in Frankfurt, Germany – raising awareness of the situation of people in Iran and protesting the fact that the Islamic regime of Iran will be present at the book fair with a stall of their own.

It is quite unbelievable that a regime that brutally kills off free expression and those who use it, that forbids women to sing in public, a regime that bans and censures books, films and the media in the tradition of the vilest dictatorships will be able to freely spread their views and propaganda at the fair. No doubt this will be done displaying a show of civility that the Islamic regime hardly shows to its own people. In the name of representing ‘Iranian culture’ we will see some well dressed, smiling henchmen of the very regime that has just honoured Iranian actress Marzieh Vafamehr with 90 lashes and one year in prison for playing in the film ‘My Tehran for sale’ which was first given permission (yes, films need to be approved by the regime) but subsequently banned. Inside Iran, the regime imprisons writers, journalists and directors – abroad it takes part in the Frankfurt Book Fair.

The Iranian regime’s only claim to culture is that of a culture of censorship and brutality – and its representatives shall not be allowed to run around and speak freely when the Iranian people as a whole are not.

We are very pleased that we will be there as a voice of information and protest and we will do our utmost to let every single visitor know about the brutality, misogyny and criminal character of the Islamic regime of Iran and the frankly quite outrageous fact that the Islamic regime has been allowed to have their own stall at the book fair.

Please come and say hello!

For more information please contact:
In Germany
Shahnaz Morattab (Deutsch, Farsi)
+49 (0) 15774650186

Patty Debonitas (English, Deutsch)
+44 (0) 7435156444

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