People of the World
It is time to Act

Let’s Bring an End to Executions
Free all Political Prisoners in Iran

The history of the Islamic regime of Iran is known to many; it is a history of darkness and suppression;

This is a regime of:

• Imposition of sexual apartheid
• Public lashing, torture and executions of its opponents and prisoners
• Imposition of medieval religious rules on 70 million people
• Stoning for sexual relations out of marriage
• Hostage taking of foreign nationals as a means of political bartering with other governments
• Execution of minors
• Denial of free thought and freedom of expression and belief
• Discrimination and appalling treatment of other religions, none-believers, humanists and atheists
• Imposition of the most barbaric labour law on working people justified by religious rules
• Active backing and arming of terrorist groups all over the world as the main pillar of its foreign policy
• Seeking nuclear weapons to be able to take the world hostage
• Arrest and imprisonment of lawyers for defending their clients
• and the list goes on and on

Now, to subdue the angry people of Iran, who are on the verge of mass revolt, the Islamic regime of Iran has intensified the execution of political prisoners and is announcing day after day lists of executions. In the last 3 weeks alone, it has carried out public executions of at least 50 people and most were allegedly for possession of drugs, the real ‘crimes’ are never known in the judicial system of the Islamic regime.

The intensification of public executions is a worrying development; the Islamic regime has a history of mass execution of political prisoners and on many occasions throwing in accusations of drug related activity, sexual deviancy, enmity with god and other made trump up charges as a means to silence and subdue the population. In 1988, the Islamic regime within a short period of time executed thousands of prisoners without any trial. (1) This can not happen again; that thousands of political prisoners and protesters are massacred and buried in unknown graves and the world remaining unaware of such atrocities. We will not allow this to be repeated.

In the past and on many occasions the world has come together to remove stains from human history; remember the global struggle and victory to put an end to the South Africa’s racial apartheid. Now is the time for the world to come together again and act to bring an end to a shame of 21st century and remove this stain that is the Islamic regime of Iran.

Many organizations and individuals have announced their serious concern about public executions and intensification of executions in Iran. Saturday 29th January 2011, has been declared as a day of global protest against executions and in defense of political prisoners in Iran.

We call on everyone to be part of this global day of protest and support the people of Iran. Solidarity with people of Iran and international pressure is a significant factor that helps people of Iran in their struggle to liberate themselves; protest works, remember the case of Sakineh Ashtiani!

1. Join or organize a protest in your city;
2. Let us know time and venue of your protest and action
3. publicize the news of the protest in your local paper, trade union and other organisations
4. Sign the declaration of the global day of action
5. Governments everywhere must come under pressure to break all diplomatic links with the Islamic regime of Iran

Sign the petition here.

Free all political prisoners
End capital punishment

International Committee Against Execution
January 15, 2011
Spokesperson: Mina Ahadi 0049 (0) 177 569 2413

(1) Geoffrey Robertson QC’s report The Massacre of Political Prisoners in Iran 1988 can be downloaded here.

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