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Sep 1, 2010

On Wednesday 1st September, a large poster of Sakineh was hung from a building in the centre of Rome. The Italian government has also hung a large image of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani from the offices of the ‘Ministry of Equal Rights’ and has exhorted the Iranian government to cancel Sakineh’s execution.

Today, 1st of September, almost all branches of the Italian media carried news about Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani. In Venice, following the annual film festival, a demonstration has been organised to protest against the sentence to execute and stone Sakineh. Tomorrow, Thursday, there will be a major protest in front of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s embassy in Rome against stoning and in defence of Sakineh.

Italy’s foreign minister has written against this sentence on his website and has asked people to join the protests. In the last ten days, 86,528 signatures have been collected in Italy for the defence and freedom of Sakineh. Tomorrow’s protest is organised by the green party and other left-wing parties and it is anticipated that many people will join this demonstration. The Italian authorities want to be seen as strong supporters of Sakineh’s rights and there is talk of their going further than France in her defence.

In Florence, a large image of Sakineh has been hung from the entrance of the town council. It is expected that other cities will follow their example.

The International Committee against Stoning and Execution invites everybody, regardless of their nationality, to join this great, world-wide movement to save Sakineh, to prohibit stoning and execution, and oppose the Islamic government.

International Committee against Stoning
International Committee against Execution

1st September 2010

Translation: Susan Azadeh

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