See the latest video of Mohammadreza’s father explaining that he has been given notice to visit his son for the last time as he is to be executed in Adel Abad prison in Shiraz this Tuesday July 6th 2010 (Tehran time).

Normally executions are carried out early in the morning which means there is just over 24 hours to take action.

His father says that at the time of the offence (see below), Mohammad Reza was 3 months shy from his 15th birthday. His father has told news reporters that Mohammad Reza’s sister had set herself on fire from the anguish of knowing that her brother could be executed. She is crippled for life and she is in hospital. Their mother has been seriously ill for quite some time. It is a real tragedy for the entire family.

After reading the background scroll down on the page and see how you can help.

Stop Child Executions

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