Here’s another post that needs mentioning. It’s by Abu Hurairah – ‘The Father of a Kitten’ no less who reminds his brethren that no fatwa is needed to kill those of us who signed on to the manifesto.

He says: ‘Jezak’illah Ukthi, now we have drawn out a hit list of a ‘Who’s Who’ guide to slam into. Take you time but make sure their gone soon- oh and don’t hold out for a fatwah it isn’t really required here.Has anyone got that Christian kaffir ‘Ibn Warraq’s’ real name yet?’
In another post he says: A’lright Sheikh Nasser let us negotiate a compromise- we’ll win as well as kill a few kuffar, that way we’ll keep everyone happy.Well them disbelievers have in effect signed a death wish via this statement so to hell with them, we’ll just provide the help that they so dearly crave.’ Click here to see the link.
Whilst killing and threats to kill are their forte – spelling is obviously another matter…

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