There is ample evidence to show that Sharia law’s family code is bad for women and children in particular.* Nontheless, there will always be those who will defend it for various reasons like apologists Mehdi Hassan and Nesrine Malike and Islamist Musleh Fardahi. Better that they do so openly so the battle lines become more clearly drawn.

I, and countless others like me, however, will continue to choose to defend women and human beings over religious laws any time, any day. This time, though, let the women of Algeria speak for me and us:

The above video ‘Singing for Change’ is against the introduction of Sharia law in the 1984 Algerian Family Code.

Here are the wonderful lyrics:

Women, words are no longer enough
We must cross the river because justice is discredited when the scales are weighted.
Oh people of Algeria, the truth is hidden
Women let me tell you of 20 years of madness.
In the congress of deceit of the year 1984
They got together and voted a law of oppression.
They stole women’s rights and parted; their minds at rest
They did as they pleased and took us for fools
What came over you judge, why are you afraid of me?
I weather all the storms, my words contain no venom.
Our marriage is decided by men.
We are forbidden to work and doors are closed to us.
With the family code, our wings are clipped.
We aren’t asking for any favours; history speaks for us.
We are not asking for charity, we are entitled to justice.
What came over you judge, why are you afraid of me?
I weather all the storms, my words contain no venom.
Our voices rise today, for here a woman has no rights.
I’m telling you the story of what the powerful have done.
Of rules, a code of despair, a code obsessed with women.
Women come out of the dark; out of 20 years of trouble.
I brought up my children, they are now adults.
With one word, he repudiated me and sent me from the house.
Everything concerning my children is in the hand of the traitor.
My opinion is not taken into account, plus the pain and torment.
Judge, stop pursuing an unfounded fear.
Write that I want to experience my dignity now.
Family code committing the unspeakable.
Guardians pull the strings behind the weddings of the gazelle.
Oh my sister always under age
You’re called to order
Listen to this song, its tune will never change.
May the word spread, this law must be undone.
And never done again.
To those listening to this story, this situation can no longer be endured.
Today, as yesterday, it’s impossible.
Men, one hand cannot applaud; with you, the sun shines again and forever.
What came over you judge, why are you afraid of me?
I weather all the storms, my words contain no venom.

* See One Law for All’s report.


  1. Scented Nectar. It's not on youtube. I have original CD which is much better quality and will be uploading on Youtube. Then you can mirror that one as it is better quality or feel free to upload this – either way, we need to get this out there. thanks

  2. Would you mind if I mirror this video over on YouTube? I'm not sure where the original video is, since the right-clicked copied url only goes to an error message.

    Beautiful song and words, although it makes me cry.

  3. There should be One Law For All – based on secular principles of equality.

    In a rational and civilised Country there should never be laws that are based on any religion. Sharia law or any other religious law in the UK should not be tolerated and we must rise up and challenge such laws, for they are not based on equality and true justice based on evidence. Sharia laws are based on inequality, the oppression of women and children in society. We need to challenge the hypocracy of religious laws for they are based on medieval superstition and practices.

    If we sit back in our armchairs doing nothing further religious laws will come in through the back door to further suppress the rights of all.

    Religion is based on an unquestioning adherence (mainly at the expense and suppression of women)- we must learn to look at the world through the rigours of logic, observation and evidence. We must introduce laws based on fairness, equality, based on reason and a respect for evidence to ensure justice and human progress.

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