UPDATE 21 September 2010: No further action required – both Mina and my Facebook accounts have been reinstated. Thanks for all your help on this!

As you know since yesterday Mina Ahadi and my Facebook accounts have been disabled. I have written to Facebook asking them to reinstate our accounts but have yet to receive a response. Anne Marie Waters, of One Law for All, is currently writing a letter to the heads of Facebook on this. We can only see this as an attack on the campaign to save Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani and call on Facebook to immediately reinstate our accounts as we need them in order to highlight this important campaign and the many others we work on.

Activist Abbas Goya has asked people to write protest emails to Facebook about this.

Here is his email to them, which also gives you email addresses that you can use to file your complaint:

To: info+y6adl7t@support.facebook.com; appeals+y6adl7t@support.facebook.com; appeals+0rznxgs@support.facebook.com

Cc: Mina Ahadi; Maryam Namazie

Subject: Strongest Objection: FB appears fallen into Islamic Republic Terror attempt

To Whom It May Concern

This is to notify Facebook about my strongest objection for disabling two Iranian renown Human Rights activists accounts almost simultaneously.

I personally believe that Islamic Republic agents have something to do with it and Facebook appears to have fallen into their trap.

Please reinstate their accounts IMMEDIATELY.

A thorough, detailed note is posted and shared on his wall.

BTW, I know that many others have been emailing Facebook as well. Thank you for that. Please keep pressuring Facebook until they reinstate us.

Will keep you posted on what happens.


  1. so what? ^^ it's just a freakin' website…if you're really that reliant on facebook on the whole internet it's all said… good luck anyways

  2. I am appaled, I did not know Facebook could do that, it's a political boycot, they lack independence, and when you know you can find absolutely anything political on Facebook, it is targeted at you! You did not get any kind of explanation from them I suppose ?


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