I have emailed a number of people asking them to respond to the absurd claim that communism and fascism are alike – something that the far-Right and Right in general have been peddling. I am still working on my entry but couldn’t wait until then to post the following brilliant comment received from Hamid Taqvaee yesterday:

In response to the question of communism and fascism being alike I have the following brief points:

1- In theory and according to its ideological principles, fascism is racist; it’s against Jews, the disabled, gays, and so on. Communism, on the other hand, in theory and principle, is pro the equality and freedom of all people.

2- In comparing the two, Right-wing groups refer to ‘existing’ communism (such as the Soviet bloc, China, and so on). What was practiced in those cases was in fact not communism and completely opposite and despite what communism in theory and principle represents. What has happened in these cases had and has nothing to do with what communism advocates.

In the case of fascism and religion, however, when they attack and kill other races, women, gays and people of other or no religions, they act in complete accordance with their belief and ideology. Religions believe in killing for God and they have done so all along history and are doing it today everywhere they can.

3- What has saved the people of Europe from the atrocities of the church in the Middle Ages and from what the people of Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia are experiencing today, is the renaissance, the enlightenment and atheism.

4- Finally, religion and fascism work hand in hand. If in doubt ask the present Pope!

Hamid Taqvaee, Leader of the Worker-Communist Party of Iran


  1. Yes, we killed a whole bunch of people – more people than any other tyranny or movement in history – but why why why won’t people believe us that THIS time it’ll be different? Why does someone have to go on and on about all the people we’ve killed?

    In a way, Communism is worse than Nazism. The Nazis want only to kill some people; Commies want to kill them all.

    Unfair? No more so than the rest of this apologia

    In any case, look up the actual history of fascism. Nazism in Germany was fanatically racist. Other fascist movements – the original British Union of Fascists etc. – were not, and had jews in high positions during their inception.

    The hell with fascism. The hell with communism. The hell with religion. Let ’em all rot.

  2. Maryam, I loved what you said at the "Enemies not Allies" talk and we must NEVER join with EDL – they are our enemies!

    I disagree with Douglas Murray, but can't help liking him personally and I think that he is a voice that is needed – even though I disagree with him.

    However we can never entertain the EDL as long as they clearly have fascists and racists amongst them. That doesn't mean we don't understand or will join with those who have concerns about immigration – but we will NEVER join with a group that so clearly contains such detestable elements.

    Get rid of them and stop all the football hooligan nonsense and maybe we can talk.

    Until then – forget it.

  3. Mao:

    "Communism is not love. It is a hammer with which to crush the enemy."

    "…the post explains that Stalin and Mao and so on were not acting on communist principles…"

    Yes, Maryam. We should ignore all those C/communists who were not acting on communist principles.

    The game is up, Maryam. Those of us who have read Lenin, know that your kind operates on the principle of "a pack of lies."

    Communism operates on the principle of brainwashing and slavery. "Brainwashing + slavery" do not equal "freedom."

    Mother Nature does not intend to allow all human beings to lift their voices in unison to the same god — not even to the god that is Marxism-Leninism.

    There is nothing more "fasces" — as in the original meaning tightly-bound bundle of sticks — than a global empire of brainwashed slaves bound by the chain of the "dictatorship of the proletariat."

    However, instead of the voluntary alignment and bundling of persons of like ancestry, culture, history and language, all working in unison for the common purpose of survival of their kind, YOUR communist "fasces" are nothing but bodies of protoplasm that have been stripped of their ability to think or fend for themselves, wrapped tightly in chains which they do not desire, led by tyrants who preach that, somehow, the enormous genetic diversity of the planet does not exist, and that there is no difference, either between individuals or peoples.

    And the purpose of preaching this is not to harmonize the world, but to attain the power to destroy those parts of the world that you do not like.

    Communists are control freaks and charlatans.

  4. Dear,oh dear……My father had the misfortune to live under both ideologies.In his experience Communism was far worse than Nazism.In June 1941 the Soviets abducted 13,000 people from Lativa and most were never seen again.These people were intellectuals,similar to the people you have in your organisation,but also included children as young as eight.Everyone was forced to learn Russian and dissent wasn't tolerated.Obviously this occupation was shortlived as the Nazis drove the Soviets from Latvia and installed there own brand of intolerance.My father was given the choice of going into a forced labour camp or joining the army.He chose the latter as the forced labour camp was an automatic death sentence.

    He survived three years of fighting on the Eastern Front and the hellhole of Berlin in April 1945 and managed to surrender to the Allies rather than the Soviets.He has always been grateful to this country for the home it gave him and the opportunity to live in a free society.

    I am proud to be a member of the EDL as I want this country to remain free and have no wish to live under a medieval religous law that should have been confined to the dustbins of history.Just because a few idiots like to act out fantasies in SS uniforms it dosen't mean the rest of the organisation is made up of fantasists and Walter Mitty type characters.Tommy is not an intellectual but he does have courage and has put his life on the line for what he believes in.On Thursday night co-leader,Kevin Carroll,was subject to an assassination attempt
    by a man armed with a shotgun.I am not aware of the EDL ordering reprisals and they have told everyone to remain calm and put the incident behind them.Hardly the actions of a far right fascist organisation.

    I am a bit confused about your seperation of Muslioms and Islam.As I understand it the word "Muslim" means someone who submits to God.I presume that God is Allah?
    Whilst I accept there are moderate Muslims and different sects of Islam I do feel the vast majority of Muslims in this country are in denial and have turned a blind eye to the extremists in their ranks.

    Communism is great in theory but its best to have lived under it before coming to a firm conclusion about its virues.As for the Pope.Well I presume he was in the same position as my father and had little choice in what he did in Nazi Germany.Just born in the wrong place at the wrong time like millions of others.

  5. Stephen, the post explains that Stalin and Mao and so on were not acting on communist principles and also that fascism and religion go hand in hand. Anyway there is much to say about these issues and more posts will follow.

  6. Yeah, I`m so curious to know what the Pope has said! How nice it would be if you could quote some of the Pope`s ideas or decrees in this regard because I haven`t really heard anything from the Pope concerning persecution of other human beings! Honestly I would like to know Maryam!

  7. Jeez, Maryam, I've been a big supporter of yours, but really you should stick to what you know, which is the problem with Islam. Communism does not, and never did, equal freedom. Uncle Joe Stalin and Chairman Mao each wiped out far more people than Hitler. And whatever his faults (basically he's just a tired old lady who lacks common sense and imagination), the pope actually doesn't believe in "attacking and killing other races, women, gays and people of other or no religions."
    – Stephen Crittenden, Sydney, Australia.

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