PR No 93
10 November 2010

The Islamic judicial system is criminal in every sense of the word!

Jaavid Hutan-Kian and Sajad Qader-Zadeh are still in solitary confinement. They are both prohibited from receiving visitors, and all their families’ efforts to establish visiting rights and employ a lawyer have been met with negative responses from the prison authorities.

Up till now, several lawyers put forward by the family and friends of Hutan-Kian in particular have been rejected by the prison authorities and their legal representatives who say that they are now the lawyers acting for this case and a decision about it will be made in Tehran. This is why they say Hutan and Sajad don’t need a lawyer!

Jaavid Hutan-Kian is diabetic and suffers from high blood pressure and so far has not been able to take his medication. We have received news that Hutan is under a lot of pressure and the false accusations of many serious wrongdoings are a plot to hurt and torment him.
Hutan-Kian’s father was a well-known person in Tabriz. In the first few years of coming to power, the Islamic Republic executed him and so Hutan’s family has been deeply wounded by the regime. According to reliable news we have received, Sakineh’s son Sajad is also under pressure. He has been tortured, harmed and injured.

The Islamic Republic tries hard to prevent all contact with Sakineh, Sajad and Hutan so that there is no possibility of news reaching the public. To neutralise this conspiracy, we need to keep their plight at the forefront of the news.

Hutan and Sajad’s present situation clearly demonstrates the criminal nature of the Islamic Republic to the world. The International Committees against Stoning and Execution strongly condemn the Islamic Republic and ask everyone to object to their anti-human behaviour.
Sakineh, Sajad and Hutan, and the two German journalists arrested in connection with this story must be freed immediately and all accusations against them dropped.

International Committee Against Stoning
International Committee Against Execution
Spokesperson: Mina Ahadi 0049-177-569-2413

Translated from the Persian by Susan Azadeh

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