Press Release No. 26
July 25, 2010

The Wife and brother-in-law of Mohamad Mostafaei, Sakine’s lawyer, arrested

No word about Mostafaei himself

As we reported earlier, Mr. Mostafaei, Sakine’s lawyer, was summoned to the Mininstry of Intelligence at Evin Prison. He presented himself there yesterday. A post on his weblog later informed the public that the authorities at Evin prison had questioned him about some financial issues. Some time after he left the prison the authorities called him and asked him to present himself once again. However, a short while after they went to his office to arrest him. Mr. Mostafaai was not there but his wife and his brother-in-law were arrested, instead, somewhere near the office.

The whereabouts of Mr. Mostafaie is currently unknown. According to our sources, his office has been sealed off by the authorities.

We have not yet been able to identify the prison where Mr. Mostafaei’s wife and brother-in-law are currently held.

The Islamic Republic, under the intense pressure of the world public opinion against the stoning sentence of Sakine, has now targeted her lawyer and put him under pressure. The interrogation over financial issues, specifically, is one of the regime’s customary ways to begin a charge-fabricating process. The Islamic Republic is trying, with everything in its power, to cut off the relations between Sakine and her family, on the one side, and her lawyer and the public opinion, on the other.

The International Committee Against Execution strongly condemns such persecutions as those executed by the Islamic Republic against Sakine Mohammadi Ashtiani’s lawyer, Mr. Mostafaei, and his family. We urge all human rights organisations to take action as soon as possible and demand the immediate release of Mr. Mostafaei’s wife and brother-in-law. The Islamic Republic must be forced to stop harassing and intimidating Mr. Mostafaei and others like him in their legal efforts to pursue justice.

International Committee Against Execution
July 25, 2010

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