A few minutes ago, Shahla Jahed called me from Evin prison on the phone, and while thanking for all of the efforts that have been made to save her, said that she has received the execution sentence [they have given her the paper], and she is supposed to be hanged tomorrow morning. I call upon all of the people of the world, all political parties and organizations, and all of the governments, that in these moments of crisis, with all of their power, and in whatever way, try to halt this act of murder. There is little hope left to save Shahla, but it is still possible and it is our duty to prevent this from happening. Shahla did not call only to say goodbye. This, her last message, in fact is a call to us to do our utmost to save her life.

Mina Ahadi
International Committee against Execution
Thursday, November 30, 2010
9 Azar 1389
2:00 Tehran local time

دقايقي قبل شهلا جاهد از زندان اوين تلفني با من تماس گرفت و ضمن تشکر از تلاشهايي که تا کنون براي نجات او انجام گرفته است٬ گفت که حکم اجراي اعدامش را دريافت کرده است و قرار است فردا صبح به دار آويخته شود.

من از همه مردم جهان٬ از همه احزاب و سازمانها و از همه دولتها ميخواهم که در اين لحظات حساس با تمام قدرت و به هر شيوه اي که ميتوانند تلاش کنند تا جلوي اين جنايت را بگيريم.

اميد کمي براي نجات شهلا باقي مانده است اما هنوز ميتوان و ما موظفيم مانع اجراي اين حکم بشويم.
شهلا تنها براي خداحافظي زنگ نزد٬ اين آخرين پيام او٬ در واقع دعوتي از ما است تا تمام کوشش خود را براي نجات او بکار بگيريم.

مينا احدي
سخنگوي کميته بين الملي عليه اعدام
سه شنبه 30 نوامبر 2010
9 آذر 1389

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