The Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq

The Islamic-nationalist militia government of Iraq is terrified of the fate of the ruling regimes of Egypt and Tunisia!

According to the news, the Maliki government has begun to fire on demonstrators in Al khadraa area, killing and wounding 13 people and also attacked the demonstrators viciously. It is worth mentioning that the demonstrations in Iraq are rapidly expanding in all cities, from the north to south. The angry protesters took to the streets of Basra, Nasiriyah, Diwaniyah, Amarah, Baghdad, Kirkuk and other cities, with a media blackout on the protests which constantly grow. Young people, workers and their organizations are the major elements of demonstrations. They raised slogans and demands of economic and political nature including unemployment benefits and jobs, electricity, food ration increase, and to prosecute corrupt officials, the release of political prisoners, and for wide political and civil liberties. The movement continues in an increasing strength and intensity.

The protesting movement in Iraq is not something new. The demonstrations for electricity and clean water have spread out in the majority of cities in Iraq when people attacked the government offices last year. But the demonstrations occur today within the revolutionary atmosphere prevailing in the region, where dictatorial governments are falling one after the other. The movement in Iraq is getting stronger as a direct impact of the revolutionary movement in the region and people in Iraq are corresponding to the masses of the region. People in Iraq are using every available possibility to impose their dominance on the streets in order to sweep away the Islamic and nationalistic government and remove it altogether.
The people of Iraq are facing a government mired in conflicts over quotas, gains, and lootings, while utterly incapable to provide any services or assurances of security and protection of the citizens from murderers and terrorists. On the contrary, this government holds back political and civil rights such as the right of assembly, organization, and demonstration under the pretext of anti-terrorism law and other tyrannical regulations in order to deprive them of their freedoms. Under these laws, they are attacking people and shooting at them, killing, injuring, beating, humiliating, arresting and torturing them.

We strongly condemn the vicious campaign against the demonstrators by the Islamic-nationalist militia government of Nuri al-Maliki which is incompetent to answer any of the problems facing the people of Iraq. We call for the immediate arrest and prosecution of all those who ordered and carried out the shooting at the people. We express our solidarity with those who have sacrificed their lives for the freedom and well-being and human dignity and we support their goals.

We call upon the people to step up their struggles and to continue their demonstrations and not to succumb to any threat or intimidation. The revolutions of Egypt and Tunisia have just opened the road wide ahead of us and proven to all those “wise-men committees” and repressive regimes, along with the Iraqi militia government, that the power of the masses is greater than all of their police, special units, anti-riot troops, gangs, militias, and all their murderers, and that those revolutions have struck the doors wide open for the struggles for freedom and equality and to achieve a free, equal, humane, and prosperous world.

Victory for the struggle of the people of Iraq!

Shame on the forces of Islamic and nationalist militia government!
Long live freedom and equality!

The Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq
February 13, 2011

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