Our hearts go out to the nearly 100 people, many of them youth, killed by the far-right gunman, Anders Behring Breivik.

It is said he will ‘explain’ why he did what he did on Monday.

But there can be no explanation or justification for mass murder.

For those who constantly ‘advise’ me and us to work with all sorts against Sharia law and Islamism, this tragedy is a confirmation of why we must stand resolutely against both.

You cannot fight Islamism, a far-right regressive movement, without also fighting the anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim and fascist European far-Right.

They are two sides of the same coin.

They represent everything our world must not become…


  1. This kind of insanity does indeed occur within any ideology but from what I heard this guy was not so much extreme right as frustrated by pretty much the same people in Europe who go around denying islamism and shutting down any criticism on that by calling the one doing the criticizing "far right" and thus trivializing their voice.
    BBC news reporting on this case is a nice example of that kind of thing in action, As usual these days.

    I agree there is little difference between extremists on any side but I also think violence like this or by so called "Al Quaeda" is a result of trivializing people's opinions and feelings by lumping them in with fascists ( be they left,right, islam, christian, jewish or any other ideology) whose only desire is to impose their views on everybody else.

  2. Yeah…

    Not that I minimize the Muslim issue, but I get furious when people pretend that the Muslim issue is the single issue worth fighting. Worse, they pretend that there's some real difference between right-wing Christians, Jews, and Muslims, and that it is a good bet to side with right-wingers against Muslims, as though Islamic Shariah law is really different in kind from fundamentalist Christian or Jewish law.

    If you think that you can fight Islamic hate by allying yourself with right-wing Christians, you've put yourself on the side of this terrorist. Is that what you want to do?

  3. Insanity wears many hats but in the end it is what it is: insanity.

    Personally, I am not that surprised that the people of the three faiths of the "Book(s)," still have extremes who use mindless violence against their brothers while wanting to spend eternity in the embrace of their "loving," "forgiving," "merciful," self-confessed, multiple-occasion, mass-murdering maniac.

    Insanity starts with delusion – and the very best religion is nothing but delusion. Worse religion is much, much more appalling than just delusion.

    Religion begone.

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