I am back from maternity leave and have begun TV International English programmes again. To view the weekly hour long programme broadcast throughout the Middle East and Europe from New Channel TV via satellite, click here. The programme focuses on issues pertaining to the Middle East from a left and progressive perspective.

In this week’s programme, you can see a one minute animation on child veiling produced by Reza Moradi.I also interview Azar Majedi on 8 March and the status of women in Islam-ridden societies; Hamid Taqvaee on the Iran nuclear issue and USA threat on Iran; and Homa Arjomand on the March 8 conference against honour killings in Germany. You can also see my interview on Danish TV on the Manifesto against Islamism as well as the much talked about caricatures of Mohammad in the programme.

You can send me comments on this programme and suggestions for issues to discuss.

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