See an article in Standpoint Magazine by Julie Bindel about the great Olympic cover up. It says:

Maryam Namazie, an Iranian feminist based in London, is a founder of One Law for All, a campaign against the use of Sharia in Britain. She is “appalled” at the non-application of Olympic Charter principles in relation to women. She argues that men-only delegations should be excluded and the IOC should not support the Iranian games devoted to Islamic women only. “Allowing women to be veiled and segregated at the Olympics is like telling black athletes to compete in a separate arena,” she says. “Separate is nothing short of unequal and defeats the whole purpose of the Olympics.”


  1. the IOC is in tight with giant corporation who do not want to off end Iran….oil, gas…..etc etc
    Sport is the facade of a civilization which enslaves people

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