Nazanin sends her greetings from prison to all the people who are trying to save her life and calls for the cancellation of her execution order.

“These are the hardest days of my life. I am scared from execution, I can’t sleep at night, I want to go to our home, I want to hug my Mom.”

The last trial of Nazanin Fatehi is on Wednesday January the 10th at 10:30 AM.
Court location: North of Ark Circle, beside the court of the Province of Tehran, Penal Court of the Province, Section 74.

The International Committee Against Execution is calling on all freedom lovers to protest her execution in any way possible, so that the young Nazanin could be spared and freed. By lengthening the court process and buying time for itself, the Islamic government of Iran has kept Nazanin, Kobra Rahmanpoor and tens of other prisoners condemned to death in a limbo situation, living with the nightmare of death hanging over them.

Millions in Iran and around the world are worried about the life and security of Nazanin. There are millions who are calling for Nazanin to be freed. Millions have seen the documentary called “The two Nazanins” and have cried for Nazanin Fatehi and have strongly condemned child and teen execution.

We, along with millions of people, are condemning child and teen execution and intentional governmental murder in Iran and are demanding the cancellation of Nazanin’s execution order.

International Committee Against Execution

For more information on the case, click here.

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