European Secularists are quick to say Egypt has “turned out exactly as they predicted” even whilst Egyptians continue to battle the Islamists on the streets.

A warning to you:

If you focus only on political Islam, you will not be able to see the resistance and dissent even when it is staring you in the face.

How can you play your role in supporting secularists if you are already conceding defeat on everyone’s behalf?

The battle continues. Where are you in it?



    1. Questions like if there are communists or leftist which can be alternative are so simpley put in! Of course leftist and communists are there. In any nowadays rrvolution socialist trend is the core all is going on. Leftist and communists are akso there but how to get political power is the real question and if they get it how to hold on it before they get smashed by the world capitalist power would be question on leftists and communists mind right now in egypt as any other country like that. Are we getting ready to support such a move in ” industrial countries” or not!? That would be good question. The way all progressive and leftist elementsin west has followed the Egypt crisis does not show that!

  1. Well said.
    Part of the problem has been the “My enemy’s enemy is my friend” world view that led to the backing of regimes simply because they wern’t islamist, while ignoring the fact that they were dictatorships that trampled on human rights.
    We must continue to support those brave people who are trying to create secular democracies and not give up on them. They need help and support now more than ever.

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