1. Salam Maryam jan!!!!!!!!!!Azizam az man be to nasihat :vaghteto bara inakara nazar ta mardom to iran nakhan na to na hich kase dige nemitoone in dolat ro avaz koneh to ham ke enghadr khodeto mikoshi hich be ghole Imam khomeini ( ghalati nemitooni bekoni) chon ke felan to iran mardom hala age ham 100% razi nabashan 50% razian va dara zendegi mikonan age to visaye daem mikhay ya parvandat gire to Home office behtare kare dige koni chon englisi ha ham khar nistand

  2. What you don’t seem to understand is that we are against both – US led militarism, as well as political Islam. You can only befriend one side if you think they can be part of the solution. When they are both part of the problem, why should people choose either? And it is exactly because Palestinian and Israeli and other children matter that we have to oppose both. Both US militarism and political Islam are forms of terrorism that target civilians first and foremost.The logic of befriending the Islamists is as mistaken as that which chooses to befriend the US’ militarism because of opposition to political Islam.Why not choose the side of humanity instead?

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