I will be blogging every hour on the hour from 9.00am tomorrow morning until 6.00pm in opposition to blasphemy laws, censorship and the crushing of dissent. Join me on the Day of Agreement tomorrow by adding your voice to the innumerable fighting for the right to dissent from, criticise and renounce Islam…



  1. I’m taking a stand. It will be the same one that I have taken for many years and will continue to take until I’m gone.
    No political or religious oppression.
    Separation of state and religion.
    Freedom of speech for all.
    Freedom of action (obviously excluding any actions that harm others).

  2. DNS for ex-muslim.org.uk is still broken. A proportion of visitors will get an ugly advertising page instead of the real thing.

    You really need to pound on your technical people to get this fixed. Especially when trying to do a high-profile event.

      1. That looks a lot better.

        Unfortunately one thing about DNS is that it is widely cached, so some people may still intermittently have problems for up to 1 day after the change was made. (This is often described as changes “taking time to propagate” but that’s not quite how it works.)

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