According to Stop Child Executions

Faced with the worldwide condemnation of imminent execution of Behnam Zare, Iran’s head of judiciary Ayatollah Shahrudi ordered Behnam’s file to be sent back for negotiation with the family of the alleged victim.

This is the second time that Shahrudi is sending the case for mediation. Iran’s Islamic sharia law leaves the final decisions of life or death of those condemned to death to the family of the victims (Ghisas). The file was sent to division of enforcements for execution after Shahrudi’s final permit to execute, however faced with the international outrage Ayatollah Shahrudi retracted his initial execution permit and ordered another mediation.

Nazanin Afshin-Jam and Stop Child Executions wish to thank Behnam’s attorney Mohammad Mostafaei, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights for their immediate response and their efforts through the Geneva office, Amnesty International and its members, president of European Union, authorities in India, international news agencies, international committee against executions, internet websites and bloggers, SCE volunteers and supporers and 100’s of human rights advocates inside and outside Iran for the letters sent to Ayatollah Shahrudi and Iranian authorities.

Together we will abolish the inhumane and illegal practice of child executions in Iran and worldwide once and forever.

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