The repeated calls for an unreserved apology for publishing ‘offensive’ and ‘insulting’ caricatures of Mohammad reminds me of the apologies that should be made to me and many like me.

I’d like the offended Islamists – from the Islamic Republic of Iran to Islamic Jihad to the Saudi government… – to apologise; not for their backward and medieval superstitions and religious mumbo jumbo but for their imposition of these beliefs in the form of states, Islamic laws and the political Islamic movement. If any of them want to apologise for the mass murder of countless human beings in Iran and the Middle East, and more recently in Europe, for veiling and sexual apartheid, for stoning, amputations, decapitations, Islamic terrorism and for the recent brutal attack on Tehran bus workers and so on and so forth, just email me direct.

On a more serious note, though, of course no apology is due them.

As if.

If the Jyllands-Posten has naively apologised it is only because the Islamists demands are always followed with bomb scares and death threats – even after the apology has been made!

Jyllands-Posten should know better. Poking fun at or criticising beliefs and religions are not only permissible but a necessity given the havoc religion is wreaking today.

In defence of free speech, secularism, and 21 century values, I too am reprinting the caricatures here in line with the daily France-Soir which carried the headline “Yes, We Have the Right to Caricature God”…

I urge everyone to do the same.


  1. Unbelievable… all these “brave” muslim defenders under ANONYMOUS… How courageous of you big boys – just like the prophet himself. What are you afraid of little ones? That your “loving” family and society will stone you to death?You little coward boys suddenly lost in your adult stage (only physically), but still ashamed, severely abused children. Beaten to pulp into “good muslimhood” (blind submission) and knowing nothing but violence, cruelty and FEAR. Your deeds and words speak volumes to the whole world – they betray you at every turn. They tell us your story about your upbringing, the sadistic extreme childhood abuse you all grew up in. Little muslim boys – you passed the stage of your early childhood brain development – you are severely handicapped by now and need a lot of help…You were programmed human robots – since your birth – to be blind, not to feel, not to ever have access to your real self (being a human – you have no clue how that feels). You were sadistically flogged into a non-existence, being a hollow human caricature. Always empty – ready for any content to be poured in – first by your parents , then your teachers and your religious dictators, now your political tyrants. Born to be hollow, born to the slavery of the worst kind – never to know who you are. With an extreme pent-up rage – the sure side effect and confirmation of your extreme childhood abuse. And your religion is the only “identity” thrown to you, everything allowed for you to have, a narcotic that will successfully keep you sick and make you die without ever being alive. You were methodically raped to accept without a question anything given you by those who “cared” for you. Do you dare to admit??? I am sure not – the fear instilled in you in your childhood will keep you enslaved. You will not dare to be truly ALIVE. The fear of punishment for BEING YOURSELVES crippled your wailing murdered psyche. You are only allowed by your “holy authority” to scapegoat and act out your extreme rage for your lost self towards women and non-muslims. And you will do that because you don’t know who you really are (BTW, your prophet will keep that secret to himself), you have no choice – you are SLAVES. Human animals that obey the whip only. You are dead already.That is why you have to murder – to repeat the only story you ever learned – your own childhood.

  2. we do not need an apology from any one who has chosen to be the enemy of Allah and His messenger. We just need to strengthen our faith, by doing more good deeds, and abandon bad ones, especially when our prophet,peace and grace be upon him, is being attacked.

  3. well.I do respect the right of expressing your opinion but you are not living in the middle east as I do and you dont witness or may be dont even know what masaccres are being committed against Islam in Israel by Israely soldiers or by American soldiers in Iraq….So if some extremists are threatening you in europe and may have killed few..You have 2 know that tenths of civilian,babies,women and elderly are being killed daily for no reason,just bcz they want 2 stay home and dont accept to leave their countries….and these few muslim extremists dont represent Islam as u know very well…also Israely government doesnt represent all jews so I dont say that jews are murders bcz of what i see here….we first have 2 study any idea, theory or religion b4 we give ourselves the right 2 express our opinion in it freely…so this right and freedom are limited by respecting others and never insult them without enough knowledge so I m sorry 2 say that you are ignorant bcz you can write but you didnt read about what u wrote and didnt give urself the chance to know what is this religion that is followed by 1,000,000 people around the world,,,can it simply be this Mohammad in these pictures???I wonder!!!

  4. If, indeed, a god exists, I doubt whether it is of significance whether humans call this God or Allah or Manitou. These are just words, describing the same thing.Why all the bickering about this?1. We are free. We can joke and caricature anything. If it is bad or in bad taste, it will get ignored.2. Instead of a new Antibiotic, all we get from the region is the dispute whether a wife is allowed naked sex with her husband.Congratulations. If this is the level of intellect then I am not surprised at the level of some comments and hollow phrases here.My question: what is the solution?My 2 cents – for what it’s worth.

  5. u really should be shame , and don’t say to poeple that u re muslum no one can caricature god .and u can’t urge us to do what u did . because we love our prophet and we respect him .we urge u to change that stupid opinion ( sorry ) but it is really so stupid

  6. Hi for all muslims,my dear dont break your head with convincing such a stupid lady .soon in the hell she will realize the truth.with all respect to MOHAMMED our teatcher and her head crown.if she like or not

  7. No, we (the freedom loving citizens of secular democracies in general, and Denmark in particular) should not apologise to the leaders of Islam: the barbaric antithesis of all things civilised.If they insist on living among us, they will have to learn to adapt and advance their ideas by 1000 years.But then that of course is not their aim, which is to out-breed us, take over by sheer weight of numbers, impose their cruel satanic rules on us, and await the restoration of the Caliphate.If it wasn’t for the unfortunate fact that our oil is under their sand we would have nothing to do with them, but thanks to our dependence on oil they have got us where they want us.

  8. I’m with the last guy!As to the dude that writes in french…well, he replies in french to a post written in english…probably been punished enough already, bless him…My philosophy – if you don’t like something, no-one’s forcing you to have it!Islam MAY be a good religion, but it’s a fact that wherever it is influential, the country buggers up…religion is good opium for the masses, but should never be allowed power or a say in anything truly important…Regards,

  9. Right! Islam is a hideous backwards religion that has NEVER EVER lived in peace with non-muslims and destroys the beauty of any country it has taken over–by force, be making people afraid to NOT be at least publicaly Muslim–take Bali, I read that 50 years ago Bali was one of the most sensual, beautiful, sexy places on earth, now a person wouldnt recognize it–the people have had the joy leeched from their lives by the Muslim takeover. Used to be more like Hawaii then Pakistan–no more! Ask yourselves, in ANY Muslim country do the people act really happy? They sure don’t seem contented and peaceful and joyful to me!! Wake UP EUROPE You’re next!! 100% guaranteed!!

  10. For those idiots who keep telling us to “read the Koran” or “learn about Mohammed’s life” I, too, suggest that you do. You’ll find the story of an illiterate misfit who married an older woman to get at her cash, then married a 9 year old to get at her ass, then married his son’s wife to, well, do the same…He spoke about peace when he was winning (in Mecca) and spoke about war when he was losing (in Medina). All of this allows you to pull any quote you choose, to defend the “peaceful Islam” and the “militant Islam” and it seems to make all Hypocrites in the extreme. One quote you will most certainly find in the Koran is “Heaven is in the shade of swords.” Now what could old Murderer Moham have meant by that??Yes, indeed, learn Arabic and read the Koran…and then ask yourself (rhetorically, as the answer is obvious), why an otherwise intelligent race of people who read this (indeed, before the Koran, the Arabs WERE the most intelligent) hodge-podge of Nonsense have turned into the most vicious, thug-like, ignorant, disgraceful murderers who will stop at nothing until we are all as barbaric and uneducated as they are?Time for us to wake up in Europe. The US is the only place that seems to have it right: tolerate it, as you would a backwards child, but when the hypocrisy and murder starts, give it a good smack.


  12. Lolz ..”21 century values” – Funny how you say that. I just want to ask you what values you are talking about. The abuse of human rights has not changed in the west or east, it’s the same as in 7th century or 21st Century. Or even worse where spilling blood and conflicts are big corporate businesses which provide food on the table for those weapon producing western countries.Do you think ISLAM is causing the trouble in the world, heck no it’s the hypocrites in the west that’s causing the trouble. They quenched the democratic movement in IRAN in the 60s to instill the dictator and cry foul when the mullahs are at disagreement with them. They call raping IRAG… the liberation and invaded IRAG after supporting and arming the dictator for half a century. IMO. The cartoon issue is not about freedom of speech. Is about freedom to spread hate, freedom to hurt other people’s sentiments, freedom to belittle others, freedom to put down the culture of others. Freedom to wage another war.

  13. undertaker said: “you told about the death of many people. but you forget that it is not the real idea of Islam”Read the Koran, fool! That’s exactly what it’s about. If you don’t believe, you are to suffer an extremely painful death in one of hundreds of ways, all described in gory detail in the Koran. And if you do believe, it is your *sacred duty* to *kill* the unbelievers. It’s all written right there! Those who say Islam is a peaceful religion need to open their eyes. (Nor is Christianity a peaceful religion – lets stop kidding ourselves)

  14. SALE GROSSE PUTE DE MYRYAM!!!CE SERA AU JOUR DU JUGEMENT QUE TU REGRETTERAS CE QUE TU FAIS?ALAH FERA PAYER TOUT LE MONDE!!!!C’est des commentaires comme ça qui font en sorte que, nous les Occidentaux, en avons marre de l’Islam et que cette religion doit disparaître de cette terre. Ell es la cause de tous les malheurs.DEATH TO POLITICAL ISLAM AND FANATIC ISLAMISTS!!!!!

  15. khanum maryam just a quick note to say ilove ur sweet warm words, and how much i enjoy reading ur articles. please dont ever give up!! i am a 23 year old iranian girl who has had enough of seeing pain and torture come out of the iran, that once used to be a beautiful country.

  16. me and %90 of my fellow iranians are sick and tired of this arabic religion (islam). in the last 1400 years it had nothing for us other than murder, slavery and poverty. is there anybody out there to save us from this crap???we don’t wanna be arab, keep your religion to your arab ass.

  17. What does the criminal acts carried out by few bad muslims in iran have to do with an apology regarding the cartoons. Its one thing to say freedom of speach and that this kind of thing has always been around, as during the prophets lifetime he was called and treated alot worst, but you go one step too far by encouraging others to do the same of any prophet. one day you will know of mohammed and all the prophets, the meaning of everyting you have done will become clear, but too late.on that day you will be asked to answer to this and shall have a taste of it in this life .if you are iranian your heart, soul will tell you this is wrong. may you be forgiven.


  19. This comment is in regards to the two previous remarks made in accordance to the blog entry. By bringing in the notion of the life of your Prophet into the context of social and political concerns such as these caricatures, is absurd. These drawings represent a freedom of expression, which is a universial and human right.Further more, although it may not be the interpertation of Islam to go about creating injustices in the world, many injustices have been commited and continue to be commited in the name of Islam and faith in God. Are we to ignore these acts? to turn a cheek, so to speak? Fundamentalism is chaotic, we can all agree upon this, however condeming freedom of speech is condeming humanity itself.

  20. well done and well put are the one beacon of light in the darkness of fundamentalism islam ..good luck and may God be with you

  21. hii read your comments. only the ones who dont know Islam can make these comments. you told about the death of many ğeople. but you forget that it is not the real idea of Islam. you can say that Islam is bad by looking to a few peoples’ acts. Our Prophet is among fewest people who brought fredom to people especially women at his time. i recommend you to read our Prophets life. one is afraid of what he does not know. that you publish these doesnot interest me in fact because i know that you dont know the real,ty. i just say that learn who our Prophet is.then i does not matter what you do.

    1. hey.
      i think you are wrong and she is wright. first of all, if Muslims are like this i think their religion has made them so the religion has kind of wrong thing. second, if you believe Islam has a kind of respect for women, you should read their holy book specially there is a part of it which called nesa or women . if you read that part you will feel sad for women in Islamic country, third, tell me the name of one Islamic country which the people there are able to take their president to the court and also they have freedom in saying any words which they believe. do you know in muslims’ holly book they are allowed to have 4 wife and they have write to punish them phisically if the do something wrong? do you know muslims can attack every country for changing their religion to islam and they are allowed in their holly book to take that country’s women and girls to their own home as a worker and they can have sex with them even if those girls don’t want?
      if you don’t know read their holly book and if you know just rethink about your opinion.

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