Nazanin, the Iranian teenager under a sentence of death, was acquitted, but the Islamic authorities are demanding that her family pay blood money (so called ‘diye’). This callous and reactionary demand must be condemned. If anybody is to pay damages, it should be the Islamic Republic of Iran, for the psychological and physical torment that it has inflicted on Nazanin during her imprisonment. Nazanin’s lawyers have also protested against the demand for blood money.

Meanwhile, on Monday Nazanin’s defence lawyers found out from the Prosecutors’ Office that Nazanin could be released on payment of a bail of 4 million Toman (around US$40,000).

To raise such a huge sum is beyond the means of Nazanin’s family. We are therefore reaching out for help to all those who helped win Nazanin’s campaign. We call on all concerned individuals and human rights organisations in Iran and around the world to contribute to the special fund that has been set up for this purpose.

You may pay your contributions to any of the following accounts:

Post Bank
International kampagne von frauenrechte e.v
Konto: 856915 469
IBAN: DE36 4401 00460856 9154 69
Blz: 44010046

Plusgirokonto: 412085-3
IBAN: SE 819500 00996042 0412 0853

We call on everyone to help so the campaign to save Nazanin succeeds fully, and we can celebrate her release. By paying the bail we will be able to return Nazanin to the warm embrace of her family.

Mina Ahadi
International Committee Against Execution
15 Jan 2007

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