Press Conference
Palais des Nations, Geneva
Thursday 22 June 2006, 12:00 noon – 1:00 pm

An urgent press conference has been called on Thursday 22 June 2006 during 12:00-1:00pm outside the UN building in Geneva in protest at the participation of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s representatives, and specifically chief prosecutor of Tehran Saeed Mortazavi, at the first meeting of the United Nations’ Human Rights Council.

The press conference is hosted by Mina Ahadi, Co-ordinator of the International Commitee against Stoning and the International Committee against Executions. Mortazavi has played a direct role in murders, executions and stonings, including that of Zahra Kazemi, the Canadian journalist. Moreover numerous newspapers have been closed down as a result of his orders.

For more information, contact 0049 1775692413.

20 June 2006

Open letter to rights organisations and personalities

Re: the Presence of Rights Violators of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the UN Human Rights Council

The presence of Judge Saeed Mortazavi, the Tehran chief prosecutor, along with Jamal Karimirad, the regime’s judiciary spokesperson in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s delegation to the first meeting of the UN Human Rights Council has created shock waves among Iranians in Iran and abroad. Mortazavi is one of the regime’s important pillars of repression. Many of the execution, killing and stoning orders have come directly from him.

Examples are innumerable. The torture and murder of the Canadian journalist Zahra Kazemi in an Iranian prison was under his direct supervision.

He has ordered the arrest and flogging of hundreds of young girls and boys for improper veiling or conduct.

He has overseen the status of many political prisoners, including those of the Tehran bus workers and students.

Many of the authorized press have been closed down as a result of his direct orders.

He is one of the first officials of the Islamic regime of Iran who must in fact be tried for violations of human rights rather than participate in a human rights meeting.

We and the people of Iran condemn the UN Human Rights Council for allowing the presence of these criminals, and unequivocally demand the following:

1. Judge Mortazavi and Jamal Karimirad must be arrested and prosecuted for their crimes against the people of Iran.
2. The Islamic republic of Iran must be expelled from international forums.

We call on all rights defenders to oppose this act of indifference and contempt towards the Iranian people by the UN Human Rights Council and defend our legitimate demands.

Asqar Karimi
On behalf of the Worker-communist Party of Iran


  1. Saeed Mortazavi should be tagged, gagged, and bagged off to the Hague.Think about it: the more we feed international criminals to the Hague, the greater becomes its appetite for more.Soon our American war criminals will begin to look appetizing.

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