UPDATE: Err, April Fools!

Oh no. I feel really guilty.

Biodork has left FreethoughtBlogs because of me.

If you recall, she blogged positively about the Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar but her ‘socialized shame about nakedness’ was too much to bear when she received her copy in the post.

She has now left so she can focus on her brainchild – a calendar of veiled women!

She’ll be on the cover in case you don’t recognise her.

Once you wipe away your tears, please do come my way.

I could always use some extra readers to try and forestall PZ’s attempts at world domination.

Oh and she will be greatly missed…

Click here to read her last post.


  1. Am I missing something? The Biodork link you provided spoke positively about the calendar. Or was it not positive in the “right” way?

  2. “Bio” and “Dork” is an appropriate name for her profile! One thing, Maryam, you would have to throw me off your blog as I’m just as sincere as you are in my own rightist beliefs that I can defend as they are the result of sincere life experience and critical thinking! You can say many things about me, but an idiot and a coward aren’t adjectives that describe me at all!
    As a card-carrying nudist in the USA, I support all tasteful approaches to nudity and recognize the social value of some untasteful approaches to nude protest to further awareness and because I believe in liberty for the individual, first and foremost within the context of respecting society institutions that have stood the test of time and have given their society’s majority tangible benefits! Giving the Sharia what it deserves after all the brutality toward women it has encouraged is most appropriate! I congratulate all the women as well as Maryam Namazie who participated in this event!
    Great cartoon, Maryam Namazie-it says it all! I will desist from typing caps out of respect to those who think I’m yelling at them! Wish this blog allowed a bold command without having to do the HTML commands manually but we shouldn’t complain about something that is free! As a rightist, I believe in an attitude of gratitude for what is free while all too often leftists criticize and demand others give them more for no return!
    It is interesting to note that in Europe, the “Far Right” of Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen have no problem with social nudity with majority consent, it is the Muslims who seek to suppress social nudity, etc! As an American, I find opposition from the religious right to nudity that is more unique to the USA’s rightist politics, to be truly stupid but if a majority of folks in an area are stupid, I recognize their right to have a society that respects their beliefs that nudity is obscene. Beaches and large parks are paid for by everybody and if for instance, 30% of a given area’s taxpayers are open to nudity then they are entitled by right to 30% of the beach front and 30% of the park would be a fair compromise! What forever amazes me about religious freaks is how they create offense when all they have to do is avoid the area where nudists are!
    In my area of the US State of TX, I participate in a local nudist area whose participants are overwhelmingly rightist. Our sponsor since he owns the home with the pool where we hang out is a semi-leftist, gay gentleman but we get along just fine! The bane of our groups existance was a neighbor who looked out through the windows and over the fence and called the police!
    This gentleman named Harvey confronted this neighbor in 2008 to try to dialogue with her and was surprised to see an Obama political sign in her yard! He has 2 other neighbors on different sides of his home who are rightists but respect his private property rights!
    This unloving old biddy told Harvey she was disgusted with seeing mens’ bodies and he believed she was gay! Suffice to say, Harvey has more respect for our views now than he did before! He has a gay group who use his pool and some are members of our coed group. Finally, the police told the old hag to quit looking over Harvey’s fence and then she went to a nursing home so we are very happy she is gone now just like native Europeans would be happy with Sharia Islamics not entering their countries to islamacize their population!
    A creative idea for the Islamics to consider for a calendar: How about a calendar of veiled men? Fact is that one of Islams most intellectual organizers and a right hand man of Mohammad wrote a poem where he encouraged men “to ride each other!” Fact is that Sharia Islam has a tradition of misogyny toward women and men preferring their male friends sexually and even little boys just like too many members of the Catholic Priesthood which I’m not a big fan of either!
    I encourage Maryam Namazie to try to encourage the original Islamic Martyr of the UK, Salmon Rushdie of “Satanic Verses” to replace Biodork as a contributor here. Salmon Rushdie like Geert Wilders and American founder of Jihad Watch Robert Spencer have taken on Sharia Islamic’s boogeyman and have had to live under virtual house arrest in hiding because they practice their own country’s right of free speech? Maybe Biodork will send Mr Rushdie her copy of the Nude Revolutionary Calendar?

  3. She blogs “or have to work through any silly fear that female nakedness will tempt men to lust”

    Duh of course it can and this is mostly a good thing!

  4. Stopping in as an unofficial representative of The Horde(TM) to inform you that attempting to resist PZ’s global conquest is futile. That is all. 🙂

  5. lol That is funny. I can’t imagine, looking at her blog, she’d do that, thus it makes it even more funny.

    Calendar of drapes and shower curtains, that’s good too F.

    I love April Fools day. So many people tell so many jokes and all.

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