Blasphemy is an important form of resistance against the Islamic inquisition.

Why not join me in your very own act of blasphemy?

Mine (for now at least) is not so original but it’ll do very well: It’s a pineapple called Mohammad, courtesy of Reading University’s Atheist Group:

Why not post yours or link to your favorite act of blasphemy in the comments section below and I’ll award the best one with a  Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar, which is pretty blasphemous too.


This is the fifth blog post for the Day of Agreement marking the International Day against the Death Penalty.

The first blog entry was dedicated to 14 year old Malala Yousafzai who was shot by the Taliban for demanding that girls go to school. This day is for her and the many like her who refuse and resist despite charges of offence, apostasy and blasphemy.

The second blog entry was entitled It is possible not to cause offence.

The third was a guest post from Marieme Helie Lucas entitled Honour the dissenters.

The fourth was on Salman Rushdie and the need for blasphemy.



  1. Mohammed wasnt perfect, in truth he sounds like a bit of an arsehole, and jesus was made up as a marketing ploy to sell shit.

  2. We argue blasphemously:

    There exists a steaming pile of dog poo in my yard.

    This selfsame dog poo exists also in my mind.

    Assuredly, it is greater(more perfect) to exist in reality AND the understanding, than to exist in the imagination alone.

    God exists only in the minds of people.

    Therefore, the steaming mass of dog poo is a thing greater and more perfect than God.

    We conclude: God ain’t shit.

    1. As existence is not a predicate of perfection, one can conclude that the perfect God & and the perfect Shit …. ah in the realm of perfect forms, and uh whose shadow I saw dancing on my cave wall as the camp fire flickered and then someone threw a real bag of dog shit on the fire and it smoked and we realised dog spelt backward was god ….

  3. The stupid thing is that every religion blasphemes against other religions, yet demands that nobody blasphemes against them.

    Christianity blasphemes against Judaism.

    Islam blasphemes against Christianity and Judaism, claiming it supersedes them, denying Christ was the son of God etc.

    Hinduism ‘blasphemes’ against Islam with its theology and idols.

    Buddhism and Sikhism ‘blaspheme’ against Hinduism with their break away from it.

    And so on and so forth.

    Yet there is so little critical self awareness.

    Although to be fair, whilst it is true that other religions are intolerant and have their manifold hypocrisies, 90% of the aggressiveness and heat on this blasphemy issue is emanating from Islam at the moment. Which suggests something deep rooted, a fundamental hysterical insecurity, is at play here.

  4. I once recited the Lord’s Prayer backwards and renounced my baptism in the Catholic Church. There’s an additional process I still need to complete, of formal defection to remove myself from the baptismal rolls.

    I believe that any god which can be offended by my words is not worthy of worship. I like this a lot:

    “This crime called blasphemy was invented by priests for the purpose of defending doctrines not able to take care of themselves”.
    – Robert Green Ingersoll


    “There is only one blasphemy, and that is the refusal to experience joy.”
    – Paul Rudnick

    I’ve recently developed an argument against the immortal soul that I think undermines much Christian dogma, and I’ll share it here because it is a case where blasphemy manifests as flesh and blood, presumably as the faithful also believe their creator intended:

    Sometimes when twins are conceived and the cells first split in mitosis, one of them fuses with half of its sibling. This is called chimerism and while very rare, has been well documented.

    If your dogma holds that at conception a miracle occurs that incarnates a new human soul into the fertilized egg, you have problems.

    Which soul is actually incarnated? It would seem that both were. But how can one body house two souls? Which is responsible for the person’s sins? Which is responsible for their salvation?

    Can you be certain you are not such a chimera? Most people probably don’t have any real evidence one way or the other.

    The Mormons believe in the pre-mortal existence of the soul where gender is already determined prior to incarnation. Some chimeras started life with different sex chromosomes, one-half female XX and one-half male XY, incarnated as a single being. This makes acknowledging and discussing their existence doubly blasphemous in that faith.

  5. My Favorite little act of blasphemy is to remind my wife, just before she goes to church, that if Jesus died and then rose from the dead then technically he’s a zombie.

    Christianity is based on the worship of zombies


  6. Talking of the virgin birth…

    How many teenage girls, d’you imagine, would like to claim a virgin pregnancy? ‘I didn’t do anything, honest, dad! Don’t know how this happened!’

    Mary got away with it… big time.

    Maybe though, assuming she existed, Mary didn’t get away with anything; if she lived under Sharia-type biblical law she might have been stoned to death for fornication if she’d told the truth of her rape.

    Perhaps she bore false witness instead, the punishment for which in the good books is…

    Makes you glad you’re born in the 20th/21st century unless Sharia law applies where you live in which case you’d best start practising the lies early- shouldn’t be too hard as they’ll teach you some whoppers in school.

  7. Would my plan for selling lavatory paper printed with Qur’an verses be considered blasphemous enough?
    And would knowing, further, that it’s right-handed lavatory paper rather than left-handed make that worse or not??

  8. I’m likely not very good at this, since as a non-beliver, do I actually know how to commit blasphemy? Isn’t it like Jesus and Joseph having incestuous sex? Can that actually be incest?

  9. Done a while ago for ‘Draw Mohammed Day’ …

    … in solidarity with Malala Yousafzai, with all who seek to educate themselves, with all who seek to advance the cause of human knowledge and keep alive the flame of the Enlightenment, with all who seek to investigate openly the confabulations and fraud of self-styled prophets and faith healers of all stripes, and with all who face threats, intimidation, and manipulative, grasping social blackmail seeking to silence them from calling any religion the lie it so clearly is.

      1. Thanks.

        It almost seems flip to say ‘I had fun doing them’, but I had fun doing them, actually.

        (/And no, come to think of it, it’s only damned right. Being able to laugh is one of the best barometers, I think, here, of who’s got what right. And one of the things most worth fighting for. Freedom of speech and freedom of conscience, and, dammit, the freedom to smile, the freedom to laugh, the freedom to be just enjoyably silly, all of that, I figure that’s pretty much the point, here.)

  10. Charlie Hebdo’s Mo’ cartoon. The one of naked Mohammed looking in the mirror and yelling “blasphemy”. Got to be my fav’

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