I spoke to Catherine Dunphy, Executive Director of the Clergy Project, at the Washington DC Women in Secularism conference end May about incorporating ex-Muslim imams and mullahs into the Clergy Project which is a confidential online community for faithless clergy.

If you are an imam and mullah who has finally seen the light, please get in touch with her. There have to be many – particularly since it must be hard keeping a straight face whilst speaking about peace and love (at least in English) when Islamism is slaughtering and terrorising left, right and centre.

Here are more details:





  1. “…active…clergy persons who have moved beyond faith.”

    There must be a new definition of “active” that I’m not aware of.

  2. Thanks for posting this, Maryam. While we Christian clergy who no longer believe have challenges to face, we recognize the dangers faced by those within Islam who no longer believe – clergy or otherwise – are excruciatingly, life-threateningly greater. The shelter of The Clergy Project may offer some respite from the incredible fear they must know. We certainly hope it will. Thank you for extending this invitation.

  3. I find more interesting and useful information on Maryam’s blog than on the news sites. I’d never guessed there was a project like this for ex-clergy. I can see that many would have started out with idealistic hopes that religion could make people’s lives better. This project gives them a chance to do good in a more practical way. Fascinating – I hope they succeed.

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