The representatives of the Islamic regime of Iran are holding a party to celebrate Iranian New Year here at Kensington Great hall in London while their colleagues back in Iran are turning people’s lives into hell. They stop people from having fun, they attack private parties to arrest men and women who dance together or drink, they patrol streets to stop young people getting together and having fun, they arrest and flog girls who are considered to be improperly dressed and they dread any happy music. Right now in Iran they have brought special police forces out in thousands and have created some sort of a military state to stop celebrations and happiness. So how dare they pretend to be civil and hold parties in places like London?

Their New Year gift for majority of Iranian people is poverty, unemployment, misery and tears. Many Iranian parents are not able to buy presents and new clothes and good food for their children, hundreds of unemployed and homeless people and street children are deprived of a warm and cosy environment around these festive times, workers in many factories and towns are on strike and protests because they have not been paid for months.

As they pretend to be human and celebrate New Year in London, hundreds of teachers and workers have to spend their New Year in prisons just for demanding their wages and better work conditions, a great number of families mourn the deaths of their loved ones who have been executed by this cruel and fascist regime.

Many Iranians in London have run away from these people in fear of their lives, many have not been able to see their families for years, so how do they expect Iranians to attend their parties and pretend nothing has happened while their families must endure the pain of passing yet another New Year without their loved ones?

The Worker-communist Party of Iran will not allow this poppet show go on in peace, we will not allow representatives of a criminal and terrorist government wear innocent masks and hold ‘cultural’ events while their colleagues make lives hell for people in Iran. This government must go; its toppling will be the best New Year present for millions of Iranians.

Join us and say no to the regime of sexual apartheid, execution and terrorism. Join our picket and let our voices be heard!

Worker-communist Party of Iran- UK

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