Mina Ahadi has initiated a new organisation in Germany called the Central Council of Ex-Muslims. Read about it here.

Viva Mina!

Where can the rest of us sign up?


  1. When Alqaeda appeared from Khorasan (Afghanistan) under the prophesied black flag and challenged the world especially America and Israel then millions of Muslim believed that the black flag had appeared in Khorasan (Afghanistan), and that the Taliban and Osama bin Laden are both behind this flag. Soon the conflict will involve all Muslims, and everyone would rather go to the Arab lands and gather in Syria waiting for Jesus along with the Mahdi. The appearance of Dajjal will come soon, and the delayed promises from hundreds of years will be kept.

  2. I am so lost. I have recently given up my religion. A part of me has been annihilated. The skin of limitation and fear has been shed-off. To have religion is not to have any religion.

  3. Come on! Ali Sina and Ibn Warraq are sitting safe in Canada and america. They just do not have balls to stand up for their conviction and what they believe in. I am glad the ladies stand for what they believe in.It is no good to be closet apostates. lol!Ali Sina usually talks rubbish about Islam and when I asked him in response, “Ali, Do you think the God of the Bible is a narcissist?”, he replied,”The God of the Jews is a narcissist.”He kept the Christian ‘God’ away from the topic and ran down the true God of the Jews. That is the kind of a phantom you are dealing with.BMZ

  4. BMZ is being a bit hypocritical. He is a Muslim but he claims that Ali Sina and Ibn Warraq “hide”. Might it be because of the muderous Muslim fanatics who would kill them in the name of Allah?

  5. Hi Maryam,I am a Muslim and will always be. Having said that, my hat off to you, Mina Ahadi, Wafa Sultan, Noni Darwaish and other ladies, who have public stood up for what they believe in.Brave an bold ladies like you, who stand for their conviction, put men like Ali Sina and Ibn Warraq to shame, who live in safe places such as Canada and the U.S., and yet hide and write from behind a veil.BMZ

  6. Maryam, I was “Martin from France” who was one of the people invited to comment on Salman Rushdie’s knighthood on the BBC World Service programme “Have your say” last Thursday evening.I just want to wish the Council of Ex Muslims well. Any move to banish words and principles such as “apostasy” back to the Dark Ages where they belong is to be welcomed. Good luck!

  7. I understand you you want to help humanity and stop opression. However, just because islam and christianity has a history of opression does not mean that all religions are bad. If you look at history, atheism has also caused death and opression. With your statement, you are doing exactly the same things as the very same people that you so much oppose.

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