To members of Friends of the Equality and Freedom Seeking University Students of Iran
Kave Heydari

In the past 4 months, the Islamic regime of Iran has attacked and oppressed the leaders and activists of the Iranian communist movement — namely, the “Freedom and Equality Seeking University Students.” More than 41 of our comrades have been arrested and imprisoned since December 2007. These brave people have been brutally tortured and tormented. Because of international pressures, the Islamic regime has been forced to give some of these students “conditional release” on the condition their families pay considerable amounts for bail to provide these individuals limited freedom until their trial. There are still four of our comrades in prison in Iran. Two of them, Behrouz Karimi-zadeh and Peyman Piran, remain in jail because their family cannot afford to post bail. The amount of bail for Behrouz Karimi-zadeh is over £160,000.

The Iranian government will grant no release — even conditional release on bail — to the remaining two comrades, Ali Kantoori and Farhad Haji Mirzaie. They are in horrible condition. Even now they are endure barbaric torture. Behrouz Karimi-zadeh is a writer and the chief-editor of Khak Journal, a well known voice in students’ movements. He is among the founders of “Equality and Freedom Seeking Students”. Behrouz is horribly injured from constant systematic tortures during the past 3 month. Mentally and physically, he is ill and in great pain. He has received especially severe tortures to break him down. He has unsuccessfully attempted to commit suicide with the electric cord in his solitary cell. He was taken to the prison hospital, but he received only minimal treatment and before his injuries were healed, he was subjected to further torture. He was forced to “confess” on camera and renounce his own political and social activities and announce them as actions against the country’s security.

These allegations can be punishable by execution according to the legislations in Iran. Behrouz’s right ear is damaged and has become deaf following insertion of hard object in his ear. He has been subjected to high voltage electric shocks on various parts of his body including his genitals, and his body has been flogged with cable, especially on the soles of his feet. This torture was carried out while Behrouz was in his solitary cell.

His bail amount of US$300,000, is unprecedented and it is impossible for his family to pay it. This amount is unheard of for a bail in Iran and it is believed that the bail has been set intentionally high so that his family cannot afford it. His family was told that should the bail not get paid, Behrouz will be transferred to a prison for criminals very soon. Iran’s judiciary authorities have announced that the government cannot protect his safety after his transfer to such a prison. His family believes that this is a conspiracy to have him killed by criminal inmates.

Also, I have been informed that the life of Peyman Piran is seriously in danger. He has been imprisoned since December and has endured brutal medieval torture techniques and his health condition is very bad. Peyman’s right shoulder and leg are badly damaged due to constant brutal torture. Farhad Haji Mirzaie, a member of the Association for the Protection of Children’s Rights and a founding member of the “Association of Defence” of Political Prisoners and Human Rights in Iran, has been subjected to severe and systematic punishment and torture in an attempt to force him to confess to fabricated allegations. While in jail, his residence was raided by the security forces and his personal belongings were taken away.

Ali Kantoori, a famous activist leader who was abducted off the street by government agents, is in a bad condition. His rib cage has been broken down under torture. Because he refused to accept what under interrogations was asked him to confess, he has replaced to another prison ‐Ghezel Hesar ‐ as punishment. He remains in a cell in very critical condition. Ali suffers from illnesses and he is denied medical treatment. The government does not allow Ali’s family to provide any bail for him. Ali’s family has been advised that Ali must be imprisoned unconditionally.

We desperately need to raise money to provide bail for our comrades Behrouz Karimi-zadeh and Peyman Piran and we need INTERNATIONAL support to release from danger of death our comrades Farhad Haji Mirzaie and Ali Kantoori. The “Freedom and Equality Seeking University Students” have published an account number in their official website to provide our comrades bail. Let’s to prevent another human tragedy at the hands of the Islamic Republic against OUR COMRADES, the Iranian Student activists.

Name: K.H 
Sort Code: 40-04-37
Account Number: 01568604
Bank: HSBC
Iban: GB85 MIDL 400 4370 1568 604
Adress: HSBC, Muswelhill Broadway, London

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