July 2012 is here. The photo for this month’s Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar is that of Amanda Brown, We are Atheism founder.

By the way, here is the censored photo for Facebook since it doesn’t permit nudity…

Incidentally, there is a report in Alarabiya Farsi (though I can’t seem to find the English version) stating that there is a court hearing for Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, the Egyptian blogger whom the Nude calendar is in homage to, and her boyfriend, Karim Amer, on 4 July. She is accused of ‘insulting religion’ and ‘promoting prostitution’. She’s also been accused of ‘acts incompatible with chastity’.

If it’s true – which wouldn’t surprise me – it’s nothing short of an outrage, though, thankfully, Aliaa and her boyfriend are not in Egypt where they would most likely face serious repercussions.

This only reiterates the importance of the Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar and supporting people like Aliaa.

You can download the calendar or purchase it here and join the scream on Facebook or Tweet #NudePhotoRevolutionary Calendar.



  1. I support the fight for equality. You’re damn right you have the right to do whatever you wish with your life so long as you don’t harm others. I have nothing but contempt for any who resort to force and violence, fear and lies and intimidation to repress and harm those who seek freedom.
    You have the right to be free and walk among mankind as an equal with the right to full human dignity regardless of what any “holy” person says or thinks. Freedom is nothing if you cannot choose what to say, what to wear and what to think.
    More power to you very brave and strong women (and men).

    Dignity, equality, fairness, freedom, kindness, cooperation!

    Bruce Elniski

  2. July 2012: Dogma will never determine where I sit, what I wear or how I live

    I have a genuine question: Since nudity is such a common phenomenon in magazines, movies, TV, cable, the Internet, etc., I was wondering, what makes this calendar any special? Isn’t this just another calendar with nudity? I mean there are already millions of different varieties in print. Pirelli has been publishing one for a very long time.

    1. Firstly, as a naturist, I must declare an interest; I do not find the naked human body all that interesting, from a sexual point of view. There, I said it – you can call me a liar if you want but really, we come in 2-ish flavours and the morphology is not all that different once you pass a certain age. My point is this issue of nudity in a calendar may be something beyond the mere titillation that your question alludes to.

      If I knew I would face prison, torture or death merely for being naked in the company of someone other than my spouse, would I think twice about not wearing clothes? Yes. Would I want to stand naked beside my fellow humans in protest of this affront to my dignity? Yes. And, I believe this is what these ladies are doing here. Despite the obvious exposure, they are exposing their very existence to threats from small minded people. In doing so they have, in my opinion, shown the ridiculous, shameful behaviour of those who would condemn a person for not wearing clothes.

      By making a collected, united stand they take away the political power from those who would have attacked an individual, but will shrink away when there is a crowd. Now these bullies must justify their position to a group of people whose motives for being naked will necessarily be varied – and in doing so they will expose their own arguments as being nothing but either comments on aesthetics (‘you are not pretty enough for me’) or dogmatic adherence to nonsense. After all, under our clothes we are all naked.

      As with so many things in life, I believe our responses to challenges to the norm often lack imagination, compassion or political comment – and that is what I hope these ladies have exposed.

      If you think this calendar is about titillation then you really need to think more.

        1. OK. I read it. Nice article.

          But, as you said, it is not just Islam, because nudity in public places is not allowed in just about every part of the world. True, some countries may let you have nude protests … but that’s about it. In the end, both males and females need to cover themselves up in public places — males are also not allowed to appear nude in public places, and I thank XYZ (can’t say God here) for that.

          But let me air my deeper thoughts on why there are different standards for males and females all over the world. This is because males and females are different. Take appearing topless for example. There is quite a valid reason behind why males can appear topless on beaches and in public places and women can’t. As you know, most females have breasts, which can easily sexually arouse heterosexual males, and can thus easily render them helpless under their sexual impulses. I think we humans haven’t yet socially matured to the point where most of us could direct our impulses, especially sexual impulses, at will. While appearing nude in public places may become a common and acceptable phenomenon in the near future, but given our present social and cultural development, it is easy to see why it is in women’s best interest not to appear topless in public places — especially where there are 100’s of dirty old scoundrels waiting for such opportunities. Some of these dirty old scoundrel will be wearing T shirts with “I support feminism” written on them.

          Let it happen slowly. I think efforts like this calender will eventually do the job…

      1. Having looked in the back-end, I see that Umberto, Goldstein’s Pal, Skeptical Skeptic, and Jamie are all the same person so I am banning him as of now. I don’t mind people saying whatever nonsense they want and I haven’t banned anyone yet. I am even willing to moderate the comments of trolls by posting only one a day so that they get their say as a policy but am not going to allow someone using different emails and names to dupe people into thinking they are different people. It’s dishonest. If you want to debate on issues raised on my blog, feel free to do so. However, the least that should be expected is that you are honest in your opinions however disgusting or wonderful they may be.

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