According to reliable sources, Soheila Ghadiri (a woman) and four men were executed in Tehran’s Evin prison early this morning. The execution of the juvenile offender Safar Angooti was postponed for one month. Soheila Ghadiri (30) was convicted of killing her new born baby three years ago. In the court she had said: “I escaped from home and got married to the boy I loved, at the age of 16. He died in an accident and after that I started with prostitution and drug addiction. I got HIV and hepatitis. When my baby was born, I killed her because I didn’t want her to have the same destiny as mine”.

The International Committee against Execution has called for 30th October to be an International day against execution in Iran.

In its statement, it has said:

The Islamic Republic of Iran is about to execute a number of protestors and political activists from the recent protests. We must stand up strongly against its attempts to murder political activists and protestors.

Recently, the Islamic Republic executed Behnood Shojaee, convicted of murder at the age of 17. Few other juveniles who have been convicted under the age of 18, are about to be executed in the next few days. During these days; Mohammad Reza Alizamani, Hamed Roohinezhad, Arash Rahmanipoor, Naser Endolhosaini and Davood Farbache Mir Ardebili are sentenced to death for crimes such as participating in protests, being members of oppositions and apostasy. On 6th and 8th October, 6 people were hanged in Ahvaz. This is only a small sample of what this barbaric and criminal regime has done in the past few days.

We must stand against this machine of crime,

These people accused of participating in protests, are sentenced to death and according to their lawyers and some human rights organizations; they were arrested prior to recent protests and they are “guilty” of reporting news to opposition media and attempting to leave Iran and seek refuge to other countries. Given this situation, the Islamic Republic is trying to hang some of the protesters along with political activists in preparation for more executions. The officials of the Islamic Republic falsely think they are able to save their state by intimidating people.

The International Committee against Executions is preparing an international protest against execution in Iran and particularly against juveniles, political activists and protestors and asks everyone to participate in these protests in the occasion on 30th of October. We must strongly stand up against execution. Wherever you live, from any city, major intersections and in front of Islamic Republic embassies, parliament building and etc, prepare to protest.

Along with the people of Iran, we are capable of informing and getting the people of the world on our side and against the Islamic Republic.

International Committee against Executions


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