Join a demonstration in defence of Egyptian blogger, Abdul Kareem Nabil, who was sentenced 1 year ago for 4 years for insulting Islam and the president.

Friday, 22nd of February, 2pm-4pm
Egyptian Embassy,
26 South Street,
Mayfair W1K 1DW

Nabil was a Law student at Al-Azhar University. He started writing on blogs promoting secularism, women’s and minority rights, and also criticising the Al-Azhar University as a university of terrorism that stifled free thought. This eventually resulted in him being expelled from the University. Not content with that, the University authorities pursued him for prosecution, which they won.

Since his imprisonment, he has spent time in solitary confinement, as well as deliberately put in cells with Muslim Brotherhood and violent prisoners, beaten, humiliated, and consistently persecuted to abandon his secular beliefs and accept Islam again. His family have disowned him, with his father saying he will happily see his apostate son be killed.

The London division of the worldwide campaign is organised by a pair of London School of Economics students. We are looking forward to receiving all the support people can offer to this campaign.

For more information visit Free Kareem website.

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