The Islamic republic of Iran has embarked on a wave of suppression in the last few months to confront extensive popular mass protest movement in Iran. Executions have increased, arrest and detention, suppression of women and youth has increased and has taken a brutal turn. Arrested protesting teacher have been given long sentences or been sent into exile. The torture and punishment of the political prisoners increased.

In the last few weeks more than 50 people have been executed in many cities Iran branded as “thugs” and “corrupt and violators of moral of the society”. Many more are waiting execution and this is heavily threatening many political prisoners in Iran. A number of political prisoners from Gohar Dasht prison have asked us specifically that an international delegation visit the prisoners and investigate their conditions and their demands. We hope that their demands positively responded to.

All of the above requires a dedicated attention and action of the Amnesty International and human rights organizations.

The Committee for Freedom of Political Prisoners in Iran calls on Amnesty International and all humanitarian organizations to take immediate action to force the Islamic regime of Iran to abandon torture and execution of political prisoner and demand that:

Free all political prisoners unconditionally
End torture and inhumane treatment of prisoners
End capital punishment and creation of atmosphere of terror

The committee for freedom of political prisoners calls on all humanitarian organization and the Amnesty International to organize a international campaign for freedom of political organizations to confront the attack by the Islamic republic on the people of Iran and their struggle for freedom.

Behrooz Mehrabaadi
The Spokesperson
Committee for Freedom of Political Prisoners
23 August 2007

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