On 12 February, Malaysian police deported 23 year old Saudi columnist Hamza Kashgari, who fled Saudi Arabia after making comments on Twitter claimed by some to be “insulting” to the prophet Muhammad. There have been widespread calls from Islamists for his execution; in Saudi Arabia, blasphemy is punishable by death.

Theocratic regimes like Saudi Arabia will not tolerate the most basic freedom of thought and expression. We defend the right of everyone in the world to freely express their views, including to criticise religion. We condemn the Malaysian government for detaining Kashgari who had fled the country and handing him over to the Saudi authorities. We are also concerned to learn of reports that INTERPOL may have promulgated a Saudi government warrant for his arrest. The implications of this mean that no asylum seeker or refugee is free from persecution even after having fled.

We demand that the Saudi authorities immediately and unconditionally release Kashgari. He has not committed any crime.

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Initial Signatures:
Yanar Mohammed, President of Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq, Iraq
Houzan Mahmoud, Kurdish Women’s Rights Activist from Iraq, UK/Iraq
Maryam Namazie, Spokesperson, One Law for All and Equal Rights Now – Organisation against Women’s Discrimination in Iran, UKA C Grayling, Philosopher, UK
Ahlam Akram, Palestinian Peace and Human Rights Writer and Campaigner, Palestine/UK
Akram Nadir, Union Organizer in Iraq and Kurdistan, Iraq
Akram Zaki, Engineer, Iraq
Ali Salam Amil, Norway
Alison Brown, Alliance for Workers Liberty, UK
Alom Shaha, Writer, UK
Annie Sugier, Cofounder of the League of Women’s International Rights, France
Ariane Brunet, co-founder, Urgent Action Fund, USA
Caroline Fourest, Writer, Editor-in-Chief of ProChoix, France
Charles Pottins, Jewish Socialists’ Group, UK
Daniel Salvatore Schiffer, Philosopher, Writer, France
Eli Vieira Araujo Júnior, President, Secular Humanist League of Brazil, Brazil
Evan Darraji, Writer & Artist, Iraq
Evan Siegel, Translator
Evelyne Accad, Academic
Fariborz Pooya, Iranian Secular Society, UK
Faris Alkamil, Writer and Journalist, Iraq
Farzana Hassan, Author, Canada
Ghanim Alotaibi, Kuwait
Gita Sahgal, Executive Director, Centre for Secular Space, UK
Glyn Harries, Hackney Community and Trade Union Activist, UK
Gona Saed, Women’s Rights Activist, UK
Hameeda Hossain, Women’s Rights Activist, Bangladesh
Harem Karem, Editor of Kurdistan Tribune
Harry Kroto, Professor of Chemistry, Nobel Prize Winner, USA/UK
Hassan Radwan, Trustee, Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain, UK
Ibn Warraq, Writer, USA
Intisar Khalil, Canada
Joan Smith, Columnist, UK
Joanne Royston, Abolition UK, UK
Julie Bindel, Writer, UK
Laura Guidetti, Marea Review, Italy
Leo Igwe, Founder, Nigerian Humanist Society, Nigeria
Lilian Halls French, Co-President, IFE-EFI, France
Maria Arvantiti Sotiropoulou, Author and President of the Greek Affiliate of IPPNW
Maria Hagberg, International Women’s Rights Activist, Iraq/Sweden
Marieme Helie Lucas, Coordinator, Secularism is a Women’s Issue, France
Mark Osborn, Alliance for Workers Liberty, UK
Mazin AlYasery, Journalist
Meghna Guhathakurta, Researcher, Bangladesh
Meredith Tax, US Director, Centre for Secular Space, USA
Mina Ahadi, International Committee against Stoning, Germany
Nick Doody, Comedian, UK
Nicola Stott, Centre for Women’s Studies, York, UK
Nicolas Dessaux, Solidarité Irak, France
Ophelia Benson, Writer and Blogger, USA
Patrick Smith, University College Union, UK
Patty Debonitas, Iran Solidarity, UK
Peter Tatchell, Human Rights Campaigner, UK
Polly Toynbee, Writer, UK
Pragna Patel, Founder, Southall Black Sisters, UK
Rafid Hamady, Iraq
Rafiq Mahmood, Writer, Indonesia
Rahila Gupta, Writer, UK
Rega Rauf, Writer and Women’s Rights Activist, Sweden
Richard Dawkins, Scientist, UK
Roberto Malini, writer, Co-President, EveryOne Group, Italy
Ronald A. Lindsay, Chief Executive Officer, Center for Free Inquiry, USA
Roy Brown, International Humanist and Ethical Union, UK
Russell Blackford, Philosopher and Writer, Australia
Sacha Ismael, Alliance for Workers Liberty, UK
Saeed Arman, International Organisation of Iranian Refugees, UK
Salman Rushdie, Writer, UK
Sam Mahmoud, Designer
Shabana Rehman, Comedian, Norway
Shahla Nouri, Women´s Rights Activist from Iran, Sweden
Soad Baba Aissa, Feminist Activist for Laïcity, France
Stasa Zajovic, Women in Black of Belgrade and Serbian Network, Serbia
Stéphane Julien, Solidarité Irak, France
Tarek Fateh, Writer, Canada
Tauriq Moosa, Writer, South Africa
Terry Sanderson, President, National Secular Society, UK
Xulfi Marxis, Activist
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Writer, UK



  1. متأ سفانه رژیم تاریخ زدۀ سعودی اسلام را بهانۀ استبداد خون آشام خویش نموده وبه همین بهانه از هرگونه نو آوری در جامعۀ خود جلوگیری می کند.فکر می کنم هنگام آن رسیده است که زمامداران سعودی برای گرفتن جایگاه تاریخیی خود به دنبال حسنی مبارک، قزافی، بشار الاسد ودیگران دکتاتوران خون آشام برود. روزگار سؤ استفاده از اسلام به پایانِ خود نزدیک می شود ودیگر حنای ولایت فقیه خامنه ای وسلطنت پویسیدۀ آل سعود نزد کس رنگی ندارد وپرچم دارانِ کاذب دموکراسی در غرب هم نمیتوانند این رژیم های تاریخ زده را دربهای تیلِ شان نگاه دارند.. محمد اسحاق نگارگر نویسندۀ مسلمان افغان

  2. The hypocritical Saudi regime has always misused Islam for nasty
    political gains.It is time for the younger generation of Saudi Arabia to get rid of this despotic and rotten old despots once for all.Hamza Kashghari and what he has done is a major step to dig the grave for the old tyrants of this so called Khadem of Haramaine Sharifain.What ever they do they can’t avoid their doom.
    Hamza Kashghari must be freed at once and Arab women must be granted the basic right of driving.This rotten regime must stop misusing Islam against human rights.

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