Happy Nowrooz all! Here’s our Haft Seen table. looks a bit sad!


There is a lot to be grateful in the New Year, including family, friends and loved ones and the fact that we have one life to live and need to make the best of it and do our utmost to leave this world in a better state than we found it.

The best “Eidi” for me this year was news that Iran stoning case Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani has been released on leave. Her case was highlighted by the International Committee against Stoning and Execution and gained international prominence after her son wrote an open letter asking for support as his mother was at risk of imminent stoning to death. Today she is a free woman…

Here’s a photo of a protest we did on her behalf where we symbolically locked hands and surrounded a woman facing death by stoning.


 Despite the wonderful victories and the happiness that comes with a new year, let’s not forget the people of Iran and people elsewhere languishing under Islamic rule, dictatorship and poverty and inequality. As the wonderful Shahin Najafi says:

Amoo Norooz! Don’t come here … this house is in mourning!
Father is still in debt for last year’s New Year’s Eve
Mother’s eyes are as red as Haft-Seen’s goldfish,
They got wet so much, they’re losing sight bit by bit
Brother is lost behind oblivion syringes
Sister’s body is torn apart like petals in the bazar…

In this dark house no one is waiting for you,
As long as bread and happiness is not amongst your backpack

Amoo Norooz! Don’t come here … Amoo Norooz! Don’t come here!

Amoo Norooz! Don’t come here, spring has gone from our memory
On the tablecloth there is no Haft-Seen, no bread, no oil money
Amoo Norooz! In this house it’s winter all year round.
Flowers and nightingales are just fictions, It’s only the owl singing…
Someone has robbed spring and feast’s joy from here
Someone has sprinkled mourning ashes on our calendar.

Amoo Norooz! Don’t come here! … Amoo Norooz! …





        1. بیا تو ایران لخت شو چنان کونت بزارن که تا سه روز از دهان بشاشی…جنده
          کون داری بیا ایران لخت شو…
          عوض کافر
          حقت عرب سیاها ترتیبتو بدن با یه دسته یه متری

          1. به به
            همانطور که گفتم هيچ چيزى مثل برهنگى ضديت بازن رااز منجلاب بيرون نمى کشه
            منجلاب تو را صدا مى کنه

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