This has got to be one of my all time favorite songs. It’s by Dariush and called Ahay Mardom -e- Donya or Oh people of the world. Here are some of the lyrics.

Oh people of the world
I have a gripe
With everyone and everything
I have a gripe
Also with god.

Those who broke the sanctity of love, extinguished affection and put a price on the heart
My scream is an objection from a restless soul
Weary of all the wounds of the world
My gripe is not on my behalf alone

If there is no love, there is no humanity
If there is no humanity, there is no life
Don’t ask me what happened to love
My response is only that of shame…

You can find a better version on youtube but this one is fun as it is at a concert where the crowd sings along.


I’m blogging every half an hour from 9am to 3pm GMT in support of the Secular Student Alliance blogothon. The SSA is trying to raise £100,000 by 16 June. This post is a little late but blame it on my ancient computer.

Try to support the SSA if you can. If we’re going to beat the religion industry, we need to support organisations promoting secularism and reason.


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