Help us end this barbarity!

The picture speaks for itself. A regime struggling to survive has embarked on mass executions (in public and televised), daily harassment of women for flouting the Islamic dress (hejab) or for wearing makeup, torturing of jailed students and political prisoners, staging of confession shows on TV, locking up of labour leaders, sentencing of workers to flogging and prison terms for celebrating May Day, and a catalogue of other crimes.

In the past few weeks, the thugs ruling Iran have carried out every kind of atrocity in order to intimidate the people. Of course, they have failed! People are growing even more resolved to get rid of this regime. On the other hand, there is growing support for the struggle of the people in Iran from around the world. On August 9th world wide demonstrations were held outside the Iranian embassies in over 30 countries as part of an international day of action called by global unions for the release of jailed labour activists Mansoor Ossanlou and Mahmoud Salehi. There have been other examples of international solidarity in protests that have taken place against the ongoing executions in Iran. The Islamic regime knows no other way but more massacre, jailing and violence against people. We must mobilise even more strongly to halt this savagery.

The Worker-communist Party of Iran (WPI) is standing up to this new wave of repression, execution and barbarity of the Islamic regime with all its power. We call on all those around the world who defend freedoms and rights for people to actively support the people of Iran. The workers, women, students, teachers and the youth in Iran, who are fighting this regime, need even greater support from you. The people of the whole world must mobilise to condemn the Islamic Republic. With your help we can stop this current wave of executions and repression in Iran.

On behalf of the people of Iran, WPI is determined to mobilise the world’s public opinion against the Islamic Republic and in support of the people in Iran, working with international labour, human rights and women’s rights organisations and other progressive groups and individuals.

We call on you to protest against this wave of executions and intimidation; to put pressure on governments to officially and publicly protest at these atrocities; to write protest letters to the regime in Iran calling for an immediate end to the executions and the repression; to take appropriate action at your workplace, university and school, and to join the protests outside the Islamic Republic’s embassies to show your support to the people in Iran in their fight to get rid of this government of executioners. Such a massive international solidarity will greatly boost the struggle of the people in Iran in driving this regime back and ridding the people of Iran and the world of this monstrosity.

16 August 2007

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