Earlier I reported on how the Islamic Education and Research Academy, an Islamist front, had segregated women and men at a March 9 debate on Islam and Atheism.

I also posted a statement by students who were there about the scandal and a statement by the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain.

After receiving complaints about sex apartheid on its campus, UCL has banned the organisation from holding events on its premises.

Well done to the UCL for standing up for gender equality!

What remains is for other universities where these misogynists are speaking to follow suit…

(Via Chris Moos)



  1. I’m not sure I agree. UCL told them beforehand they would not be allowed to segregate by gender. They ignored this instruction, and have been banned as a result. I’m not sure how UCL could have acted more correctly short of sending in the heavies to break up the meeting after it had started – which might have led to other problems.

    I imagine UCL are unwilling/unable to take on responsibility for stewarding for every on-site event, so their enforcement of non-segregation policies is necessarily reactive.

  2. I’m just hoping that UCL doesn’t back down once they aren’t in the spotlight anymore. How many other human rights violations have occurred under UCL’s nose but nothing was done because it wasn’t visible to the “right” people?

  3. The big applaud is for Maryam Namazi herself! Believe it or not they were forced to do that! If not why in first place let such a segregation ! So, please sharp it up! That would be naivety to give applaud just for UCL who in first this shame go through ! Maryam Namazi gives her own applaud to UCL because she can give it to herself. That would be silly but we can do that! And should do that! We who know what she has done with all her efforts have to get this applaud! I were hearing here people just talking why should we bother that at all and why should we get inside such conference! They did not have any clear look in what was happening In middle of their society. We did experience “Gender Apartheid” and it did not bother any one expect people like Maryam Namazi! That is the world we are living in! That is how Taleban and Bashar Assad commit crimes and looks very normal and it does not bother any body that much to stop their crimes! Shame on such ignorance we see in front of our own eyes daily!

  4. Great news.

    The fact that misogynists think they have free roaming in educational institutes here in Britain is shocking. But this is a good start and an applaud move by UCL.

    Everyone should work together to help make gender equality as well as equality for all in all areas of life a reality well maintained.

  5. I’m relieved to see UCL taking action, but I wish they hadn’t let it get this far in the first place. Having read more on the subject after your alert, I can see that islamists have been throwing their weight about at UCL since the 1990s.

    Yet as well as being founded on secularism, UCL is one of the country’s top research institutes, with a terrific reputation. Its present administration should be protecting that reputation, not be letting it be debased.

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